Manchester United Arsenal

I put bet offer and claim Manchester United will win game today and offer odd of 1.66 in case Arsenal win or draw this game. If you are Arsenal fan and believe in your club you can match it with 75 SCR and relive this betting platform and make this game even more interesting.

My opinion is that Arsenal is not playing particularly good and that their 100% record and first place on the table are because of not to good clubs they played against and luck in some games. I struggle to understand how they are winning games they've won so far. It can't be said for game against Manchester United. It's tough opponent with very good coach and squad and very passionate fans. It's a place Arsenal is not winning usually. Sancho and Ronaldo are going to be of to big quality for that defense. Dutch Lenin on Manchester bench will show Arteta some tactical secrets and actions.. Arsenal on top of the table is like an elephant sitting on tree branch and all know it's going to collapse under weight of Granit, White, Holding...

Will you let me talk like this about Arsenal ? :) If you believe in Gabriel, Saka and Martinelli match this bet. :)