Yes, yes Arsenal did not win again. This time Brighton was to strong stone for them. They said bye bye to Champions Legue unless they win UEFA league. If you wonder why Aruba missed that great chance I can tell you that I am thinking that he did it because my dark arts against that club. 5 bets on scorum bet, it didn't work only versus Valencia. I'll keep some SCR for Europa League final if they reach it. LoL

Their losing/not winning row started when I started to bully them on betscorum. Who cares about SCR they are not at to big price right now, and feeling I am preventing them from winning is just priceless! Poch and Levi should pay me. LoL

One Brighton player laughed to Arsenal at the end of the game which fired up Twitter and one of the best tweets was "Yves Bissouma just heard the best joke > Arsenal will end up in top 4 this season". Some of Spurs fans tweeted to Levi asking transfer of lad to Tottenham on full life contract. LoL