Malaysian street pancakes

This article is fantasy and joke and you should threat it like that. I don't claim match between Tottenham and Luton next weekend has been fixed.

I saw one tweet from Tottenham Hotspur official twitter account which tickled my mind and I am going to share it with scorum members. It was tweet from yesterday saying how club captain Son and player Davies are competing in making, read carefully now, "Malaysian street pancakes!" I repeat "MALAYSIAN STREET PANCAKES!" Tweet is before weekend without English Premier League so this little AIA competition will go under radar. It has been published with picture of one Malaysian kitchen chief and two players on both sides of him. They called this "tricky dish to get right". Indeed it's tricky to make it (not pancakes lol) :)

Tricky dish

This was not the only sign. Recently player Dejan Kulusevski wrote public letter to fans in which among others said how "we might lost vs Chelsea, but we won in life". Context was how Spurs held their way of play even with 2 men down. There is advertising of local betting house Maxbet on sport channels saying "Life is a game" and game is basically bet and Dejan has North Macedonian roots. I understand this cryptic message like "We lost the game but we won a bet." :)

So we have "Malaysian Street Pancakes", "Winners not on the pitch but in 'life' " and "life is a bet" so far so good! We just need to see next Tottenham game which is at home vs Luton Town. Luton Town might be in relegation battle, might look week on first sight, but they played 4:4 vs Newcastle away and that fact surely made some people on Far East very unhappy. They need to make it right. Chong and Ogbene can be big danger on their day. Spurs stopped array of 39 games during which they scored at least one goal against Fulham in 3: 0 loss, so it's fair to assume Son, Dejan and others will be in goal scoring mood next week. Look at this now. Tottenham won Aston Villa 0:4 then lost against Fulham 3:0 and when you combine these two cryptic result you get 4:3. North London side is very capable to score 4 and also to concede 3.

Add to that fact that a lot of Tottenham fans accuse current ownership for "Loving money more than trophies" summed up in banner saying "Profit over glory". Why not get some profit before big summer transfer window ?

What do all of this tell you ? Do I need to explain something to someone ? 30. March 2024. 16 O'clock CET, London (and Malaysian) derby Tottenham vs Luton Town. Remember you read this first on scorum.

Result grid England Premier League

Look at accusing result grid of EPL. Luton Town lost vs Arsenal 3:4, lost vs Bournemouth 4:3, played 4:4 vs Newcastle. They are ready for "One last dance" next Saturday. There were two more "thrillers" played by Liverpool and Fulham and Wolves and Manchester United so far. Liverpool did it, Mancester United did it, Arsenal did it. If Tottenham want to be big club they must achieve this! 3:3 vs City is not enough! LoL!

Are we one of top clubs in England ? I hope answer is resolutely YES! We will prove that on next Saturday!

Remember also that this article is fantasy and joke and you should threat it like that. I don't claim match between Tottenham and Luton next weekend has been fixed, but as things stand right now I am going to put 10 E on that "beautiful" correct result, 10 on over 6.5 and 10 on HT/FT 2/1.