I failed in attempt 3 because Bate Borisov could not score a goal against Rosenborg in Champions League qualification. Other tip was good because Molde won easily Cukaricki with 1:3, but Belarus side ruined the day. They just play to cowardly and when you play like this you end up eliminated. Now it's time to try to win in attempt 4, but we need to be quick because we are talking about Japanese J1 league and games start in 12 o'clock CET.

FC Tokyo - Cerezo Osaka 1

FC Tokyo is first on table, fighting for title. They are in good form. Cerezo Osaka is not bad team, but I don't think they can make any upset here. They are 7th on the table, but now they face first club in Japan. I don't think Tokyo will let them go home with point. D.Oliveira and Nagai will show them who is who in Japan. Odd is incredible high 2.31 which makes this justified risk.

Yokohama F Marinos - Shimizu S-Pulse 1

Yokohama F Marinos are second on the table in fight for title and Shimizu S-Pulse is deep down in bitter relegation battle. Difference in quality of those two clubs are just to big. Anything except easy win by Marinos would be great surprise here. Odd of 1.79 is just to high for this type of game. Yokohama is in good form, two Brazilians in attack and Nakagawa will have no mercy for these visitors ! Shimitzu is in not so good form and they are going to fall!


Our parlay bet is now 2.31 x 1.79 = 4.13. Because we missed first three attempts in this cycle for 1, 2 and 4 units it is time to stake 8 units now. That will make our possible win 33.04 in which case we will earn almost 18 units (33-15) in this wave. For me that means to bet for 256 SOC coins (1 unit = 32 SOC ) at sportsbet.io platform. If we fail next stake will be 16. Ensure you have 16 unites more for that case.

Previous cycles:

1 cycle: we won 3 units for stake of 1 in attempt 1 and we earned 2 units.

2 cycle: We won 6 units for stake of 2 in attempt 2 and we earned 3 units.

3 cycle: We lost attempts 1, 2 and 3 (7 units) and want to win now.

Good luck! Banzai!