When you are going to bet do it with full conscience or well awaken or you could end up in worshiping bookie or making unwanted giveaway of your SCR lol. Well I failed on that as I jumped from bed and opened up scorum vote for some articles and then decided to see what's going on on betscorum. I saw Tottenham-Newcastle game. Uneasy one because Llorente will probably play again, but I had no courage to bet X2, but I saw odds 1.426 for 1 and 2.864 for X2. Then I remembered Betman's advice that it is possible to find win win situation when you can't lose. I opened calculator on my computer and somehow calculated that if I bet 10 on 1 and 4 on X2 I can't lose. Then I hurry up in excitement and put 40 SCR on 1 and 16 on X2 to increase win. Bet was matched emidiately. Then I calculated how much I will win just to find out that I will win few SCR fragments in case of 1 and lose oily 10 or more in case of X2. What to say now Spurs must win this game LoL!

Although it is good practice to jump on scorum after waking up to do some votes not to waste voting power which is 100% it is not so good idea to jump emidiately on betscorum until full awakening. So happy math day for me and come on you Spurs! LoL