This article is complete conspiracy theory and pure fantasy with elements of some real events like loaning money and president Orban's visit.

You know it's war, energetic crises and it's not secret that cold and dark winter is coming... What will you do if you are one small European country surrounded by NATO with bad history with that organisation and full of Russian agents in your country ? Europe is demanding from you sanctions toward Russia, you import oil and gas from that country, while Russia threats it will do some naughty things to you if you do that... Something like sending nice cup of poisoned tea to you or activate your ultra right groups which they control against you ?

Like that is not enough you need to pay pensions to a lot of annoying retired people and you promised them even rise of pensions! Those old people think if they payed all life for pensions they should actually get them at the end... They don't accept your cries that someone before you robbed that found, they are not interested in facts that there are more of them than young working people and that you can't fill budget with necessary pace. You can of course stop paying but then they will not vote for you so you must continue it.

Your country budget is broken because you need also to feed up army of crocodiles from your party who support you only because of money. Your country is spending more than it earns and winter is coming. Something need to be done quickly! What would you do ?

Sequence of events:

President of UEFA Cheferin came in visit to your country. You welcomed him warmly.

President of country (you) went to UAE to visit his friend and 'brother' crown prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and loan 1 billion from there.

President organized visit of friend from neighborhood President of Hungary Orban. He is one of if not the closest friend from neighborhood.

Then (oh my what a wonder!) football game between Mladost and TSC ended up with result 2:5 for visitors. It's interesting because odd on that correct result is 100 and that TSC is club from Backa Topola and is heavily financed by state of Hungary because large Hungarian minority is living in north parts of your country and in that town. Game was interesting. On 5th goal away coach was so happy smiling congratulated everyone like he just got kid. Also near the end there was dangerous attack by visitors but player who could put ball inside the net suddenly made non natural move by head and failed to reach the ball and failed to send it inside the net. He let ball fly over his head because he moved head down to avoid it. It was scary moment and referee decided to blow for the end of the game in 90th minute and 10th second because who would dare to let it to last longer ? Yes result is so one sided and we don't need more excitements! :)

You suddenly have all problems solved, your budget has been filled to the top, you can pay all pensions, you can pay to all annoying agricultural workers prices they want, you can pay severance pay to ex FIAT workers, you can pay for gas and oil with ease, you can even import electric power! You're back in saddle again! Well done! You also returned faith in domestic football and you made boring thing interesting! You also strengthen eternal friendship with state on your north border! Isn't it a big achievement ?

Then they ask why did you give crown to Mr. Orban ? Who wouldn't ?! :)

Don't forget only truths in this article are Ceferin's visit, President visit to UAE, loan, Orban visit and result of this game and situation near the end. Connection between those events is pure fantasy and imagination just like filling budget with football bets.