In this article I'll try to explain present situation in Serbian football. It's in deep mud or how some people would say in this unfortunate covid pandemic times 'on respirator'. We had chance to qualify on Euro over League of Nations, but Scotland was to good. Suffering game where Scots maintained us public class in short passing play, good pressure and how players should fight for their country landed us to the ground after good game and well deserved victory over Norway month ago.

Tragedy is fact that some people here think we're two classes better squad than Scotland, but lost because of bad tactic or type of thinking 'we'll do it easy'. Match showed opposite, Scotland was one class above us at the moment. Non deserved goal near the end keep hope alive but Marshall's saving of Mitrovic penalty made justice satisfied.

President of Serbia, ex Red Star ultras who was in Zagreb on infamous fighting on Dinamo - Red Star game before downfall of Yugoslavia, who appointed his ex bodyguard from his radical 'big Serbia' times as president of assotiation, watched that tortured game and said publicly "It can't go this way anymore! We are going to build up new, quality Football Association!" Does he know that UEFA statute forbid any interference of executive authorities into football and guarantee autonomy of football associations in Europe ? Is UEFA watching what is happening here in Serbia ? I don't think so, because if they did they would eliminate us for 5 to 10 years until we make honest football association and league.

Before this season public was informed about yearly financial report of two biggest clubs in Serbia Red Star and Partizan which reveal both clubs are in deep negative balance owing around 30,000,000 Euro. Then pandemic started and these debits increased. Chairman of Partizan said they need around 13-14,000,000 per year while chairman of Red Star said it's 30,000,000 Euro. Sponsors and selling tickets can't bring them more than few millions. It's true Partizan sold Umar Sadiq in Secunda for around 5,000,000 plus bonuses and Stevanovic to Manchester City for around 8,000,000 but that's just cover of this year expenses... Red Star didn't make any big transfer as far as I know. So how they think to survive ?

I see only one way which is game fixing and robbing bookies all around world. League has been rigged anyway before it started so why not get some extra cash for club ? Why not pretend we're invalids in first half and then turn into 'steam roller' in second and make 'lovable turnover' losing at half time and winning at full time ? Odd is 30! To be sure why we wouldn't let some fans to come on pitch to threaten a little to other side ? LoL

Something similar to that happen in recent cup game between Red Star and Zlatibor. Zlatibor lead 0:1 at half time, fans entered pitch early in second half to 'pay tribute to fan who died on that day'. Guests soon scored second goal, but then in just 13 minutes some magic happens and Red Star ended like winner with result of 4:2! Watching highlights of this game I don't think it was rigged, but some people close to Partizan used this to throw poison arrows toward arch rival saying it was rigged!

That's why we shouldn't underestimate this league if we seek for high odds. In few days there will be derby on paper first against second Vojvodina - Red Star! Vojvodina never won Red Star in recent times, their coach is ex Red Star player Lalatovic who never hide his love toward his previous club. I don't see reason why they shouldn't do 1 HT - 2 FT or maybe something more extravagant like high number of goals (3:4 ?) etc... If they can do 4:2 against Zlatibor why not 3:4 against Vojvodina ? Vosa is stronger than Zlatibor! I expect Partizan do some exhibition soon too. State founds are almost empty, they can't get help from state, they are both on their own! LoL

So expect unexpectable soon in Serbian league and cup you have been warned! Don't be afraid because UEFA is not watching in this direction! To make them watch they need report from Serbia where reports is giving 'commissar for integrity of football' also ex Red Star player Dragisa Binic! We also managed to drill UEFA with people from Balkan so stage is all set! LoL