This article is pure fantasy and conspiracy theory. My club Tottenham deserved that because it's more of a joke than of a football club. If you read my previous articles about "beautiful result", "game that return faith in football", "football gentlemen" , "Malaysians illegal gambling syndicate lead by one eyed" you know what I am talking about. In short it's correct score of 4:3 or 3:4 with odd of 100.

I must admit this. More time pass I more understand what happen and statements after Southampton Tottenham 3:3 game. Conte's angry rant "club is paying us a lof of money" meant "I lost a lot of money, club has lost a lot of money". "I didn't see team but bunch of selfish individuals who don't want to help each other" should be read 'You should score 4th but Kane sent ball over the crossbar when he could pass left or right to alone team mates". I even understand Dier's statement after "They had two reserve central backs, we should make them a lot of more problems forward." You should understand this like "We failed to score 4th goal, I did all what I should we conceded 3, but those forwards didn't!". Next "Tottenham story is this there is an owner who is here 20 years and didn't win something. Why? Why is it always coach or club fault ? Where is responsibility of players ?!" should be understood like "Owner is not such big football fan he doesn't know ways to gain extra money, he had chance in this game, but players failed. It's not because of owner or me, it's because of players my dear Malaysians." Next: "Fans pay tickets to watch and follow us". That was about me. I am touched. This should be read "Fans also bet and lost money!" Next "This what I saw was totally unacceptable for me!" He was damn right, damn 3:3 is totally unacceptable for me and Malaysians too! Should be 3:4! Stake was there, big money has been lost and chairman got pissed off because Malaysians are not happy with this...

I saw on twitter Daniel Levy went on business trip to Asia few days ago. You don't have to be Einstein to know who called him. During that period official Spurs twitter account published picture of Harry Kane with eyes and commented something like looking at Merseyside announcing goals. As you already know next Tottenham game is against Everton away. Then Football London published article about new coach Stellini speech to players. In that article they remained us Conte and Stellini were involved in some match fixing scandals in Italy long time ago and Stellini was banned from football for some time. He used that time to train club of refugees in Turin and won some competition on amateur level with them. I am writing this because he said there was guy from Morocco with one eye (one eye!!!) who is goalkeeper and other players told him he's saving every penalty and that he must be goalkeeper. How is that possible Stellini asked, but did what other players wanted and put him on goal. In semifinal one eyed saved one or few penalties and they progressed... He also mentioned one man who was boxer and told literally something like this. When I talk it looks impossible that I am exaggerating. I'd like if that boxer could tell them that story instead of me. I read this "If you fail this time you'll deal with boxers." :)

So we have everything. Levy was in Asia, unhappy Malaysians because of last failed 3:3 game even more nervous after Brighton 3:3 and Bayern 4:2 yesterday, we have Stellini, story about one eyed, tweet of Spurs official twitter account about Kane watching Merseyside, unhappy Conte and Levy who lost money, players who need to take responsibility and that boxer threat... My God I love those Italians, they know to speak between lines the best. Shell I mention connections between two clubs ? Relations have been compromised by taking Danjuma from Everton in January just to have him on the bench because Everton tricked Spurs with Dele Alli and got him for free avoiding to pay any bonus connected with number of games he played for the club. There is only one way to repair those relationship. It's by mutual win. Oh yes Levy also said "We all want to win, but it's hard." How can both sides win one football game ? They can't win 3 points all, but they can win something else if you know what I mean. Do I need to tell you about bad financial situation in Everton, unrest among their fans ? Shell I mention that in the past Malaysians loved the most to do 4:3 or 3:4 on Monday nights ? Check when Everton Tottenham game will be played. :)

Real question is only will it be 4:3 or 3:4 ? It looks so obvious Everton need points to avoid relegation so I'd try with 3:4 because illegal gambling syndicate loves to make result more surprising. Also Everton need money more than points. Who would doubt Sean Dyche team can do it ? No one. That's why it's beautiful. It will be big surprise for everyone else who don't know for this. If you are not sure 4:3 or 3:4 you can target both scores and shrink your win to 1:50. :) Real football gentleman play bet tickets like this: 3:4, over 6.5 goals and home side lead HT away side win FT. Full jackpot is something like final result 3:4(2:1). This also give you opportunity to win on 2:5 or 3:5 or if someone not in the game corrupt "beautiful result".

Remember you read this on Scorum first. I decoded all for you, if you don't try to win odd 100 on Monday night it's your fault not mine! :)

What would Whigfield say - It's Monday Night and Malayans can not lose! :)

Also remember this is pure fantasy and conspiracy theory.

Now take a deep breath and find out game will be played on 3 / 4 / 2023. Numerology has spoken too!