bookmaker odds week 1 NFL

The start of the 2018 NFL season is still over a month away but that hasn't prevented the books from posting their week 1 lines.  Once preseason starts and the lineups are set I expect some of these to move in one direction or the other.  One fact that can help gamblers in these early season matchups is that usually the books like to make all the lines relatively small in the first few weeks.  This is so they don't get crushed on a big moneyline play that they didn't see coming.  It's also hard to judge just how good or bad a team is at the start of the season because the sample size is non-existent or very small.  Usually by about week 4 or 5 the Vegas lines are very accurate which can make picking a winning side very difficult.  

What do you think of these current lines?  Spot any value or matchups that you particularly like?  Please comment below.