Football betting is a good way of making money and it could be fun depending on your stake. Sometimes, football betting can lead to psychological disorder especially when you lose some huge bucks

Without wasting time, I actually created these hilarious memes for football betting addicts, so kindly sit down, relax and check if you can relate to them 😁

1. The selection process is usually the first stage of betting. This is when you forecast, check prediction sites and fitness level of players to be sure you're selecting the right matches 😁

2. When you've placed your bet and then someone comes saying you shouldn't have bet on that team because you may not win your bet.. You're like 😁

3. Your team is supposed to be mounting pressure on the other team but reverse is the case. You just sit down and you're like

4. You still have confidence that your team is going to win, after all it's still first half. Almost at halftime, your attacker dribbles the goalkeeper and misses an empty net and you're like

5. Instead of your team to score, the other team dribbles your defenders and scores and you're like

6. Your friends who are rivalry fans begin to laugh at you because they knew you were going to lose

7. You're pained but you just look at them without saying anything because but you're still confident your team will equalize

8. Five minutes later, your team equalizes and you're like

9. But the rivals fans keeps saying it was a lucky goal and it shouldn't have been an equalizer and you're like

10. The second half begins, only for one of your defenders to commits an own goal and you're like

12. You keep hoping last minute miracle can still happen towards the end of the match

13. Your striker was taken down inside the penalty box and instead of penalty, the referee actually said it's not a foul and you're like

14. It's 90+4 minutes and your team gets a free kick and you're like

15. The referee blows the final whistle and you begin to count your losses. You start blaming yourself why you actually bet on such an unfortunate club.

Which one can you relate to? 😁

I drop my pen at this juncture 😎

I like you like it?