I really don't know what's happening to me lately with betting. No matter the bookmarker I use or the betting option I it for, I still end up losing.

I've lost so much on betting recently not because football is becoming to predict but because I'm just quite unfortunate. To savage the situation, I stopped placing bet on a team to win instead I bet on fouls and corner kicks options yet it's still the same old story

Last week I even wrote a post about my Betscorum reports since the begging of the season. I have lost so many SCR on betting while I won just little. This didn't use to happen especially with Betscorum so I don't know why everything seems to be against me lately

For about two months now, I lose bet no matter how careful I am with my team selection, the outcome of the game will still not go in tandem with my predictions

Has anyone been in this kind of situation? How did you remedy the situation or it that betting is not for me?