Many people frown upon gambling especially religious people who believe it doesn't go in tandem with their faith while some actually frown against it because they don't consider it as a healthy way of making money

Gambling has existed for centuries despite some countries not legalizing it due to the psychological effect it leaves in people. When people lose their hard earned money to gambling some of them do not have the heart to bear their losses and move on and this often leads to cases of depression and even suicide

This week, I've lost count of the horrible stories I've read about gambling. It's either someone is sharing the story of how he lost his rent or tuition fee to gambling, or how someone lost his capital to gambling and they had to start their life from the scratch

We all know that moderation and caution is the key to everything be ye gambling or investment, and the motto of any form of gambling is that you should bet what you can afford to lose but it's a pity that only few people adhere to this caution

There are other terrible addictions such as alcohol, drug and pornographic addictions but the way some people paint gambling addiction, you would think that it's the worse of all addictions in life when placed in hierarchy

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