When it comes to football betting we have leagues where over market is very rampant while in some leagues it could be under market. In some leagues, they play corner kicks very well while in some leagues, it could be BTTS or any other bet options

In African Leagues, especially the Nigerian Professional Football League, there are some factors that lead to common game possibility outcome which makes the NPFL very easy to predict and win some bucks, which I will be highlighting.

1. Low scoring power

Most NPFL players have low scoring power and that's the more reason why you have about 70% chances of winning your bet if you place a bet of under 2.5 goals on a typical NPFL match. Another factor that makes under 2.5 goals very rampant in the NPFL is due to the fact that some of the stadium are usually not in good condition coupled with some inexperienced players

2. Corner kicks

If you watch the NPFL very well you must have observed that the possibility of few corner kicks in a match is very common. The reason is this, there are always many "shot off target" in most games which often leads to few corner kicks compared leagues like EPL where "cross and nod" is very rampant. Most NPFL games that I've watched always have an average of 5.5 corners, so betting under corners is a right step in the right direction for a Nigerian punter 😁

3. Home wins

Yes this is so true! In the NPFL, a home team is usually much more stronger than the away team even though the home team is at the bottom of the table. Apart from fans morale, bribing of officials has been a bane of local leagues and that's why the chances of a home team winning a home team in the NPFL is pretty high. In worse cases, it will result in a draw but for an away team to beat a home team, the chances is pretty low.

4. Yellow cards

NPFL games are usually very rough that players don't normally give themselves breathing space to either dribble or display some skills on the pitch. The moment a player holds the ball his opponents are coming hard on him which always result in many yellow cards. Placing yellow cards bet on a NPFL game is the real deal 😁

Although the NPFL is still going through birth pangs but it has improved to some extent compared to what we used to have in those days. It used to lack sponsors and recognition back in those days but things seem to be different recently.

There are still some irregularities happening in the NPFL but with time, I know things will change for the better

These are just my own observations about the NPFL and I'm not advising anybody to bet on them. Betting on then should be done at your own discretion besides most bookies don't even add the Nigerian Premier games on website except few of them

Thank you very much and have a nice day 😎