Betting is a blessing for those who know how to play their cards well and how to handle their losses but it's otherwise for those who plunge and lose their fortune into it. Gambling in general is capable of causing financial upliftment and as well financial ruin.

Many bookies always advise that people should use their spare money to bet but unfortunately, only a few gamblers follow this advice. Betting what you can afford to lose is wisdom but doing otherwise is a disaster. I have personally seen someone who committed suicide for losing his fortune in gambling. Not only that, I have also see a school mate who dropped out of school because he lost his school fee to gambling. This is to tell you the length at which people can go in gambling on what could probably bring them from riches to rag

The effects of betting your money on what you can't afford to lose can trigger suicidal thoughts and self-hate. The bad side of seeing the money you could have used to pay your rent or school fees vanish into betting is that it could lead to emotional depression, sorrow and anger. In fact, people fight and kill when they can't handle the depression that goes with their losses.

If you have friends who always gamble with their fortune you will discover that they're often emotionally depressed more than any other person when they lose their fortune. Most times, they are always angry and quarrel with everyone when they remember they lost a huge sum of money they could have used for something productive.

These are problems faced by those who bet what they can't afford to lose

i. Suicidal

ii. Empty and dump

iii. Worthless, guilty and regret

iv. Sorrowful, upset and tearful

v. Anger issues

vi. Isolate and resentment towards other people

vii. Hopelessness

The truth is that those who are in control of their gambling play for fun and they know how to ward off depression when they lose but the ones who can't control their gambling addiction can even sell their properties to chase their losses.

No one is as foolish as those who gamble with their fortune

I don't know if this makes sense to someone.

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