It's such a pity that despite all the caution, a lot of people out there continue to fall for the fraud called match fixing. They still continue fall for these guys who show their winning bet slips of unbelievable predicted large odds just to make you clear any doubt you might be having and in that process, they ply on your gullibility and defraud your like others

Any screenshot they put up is to give you the impression that you just missed a jackpot and to gain their trust. They will make you blame yourself for missing such a big opportunity, so the next time they ask you to pay a certain amount of money to get their next fixed matches you won't hesitate to give the your money

Most times, they predict the full time score of a game they sometimes go as far as predicting the correct score of both first and second half, and when these nearly impossible prediction finally happen as predicted, they will share their winning slips to gullible and ignorant people who didn't know these screenshots were edited to deceive them.

There are times these guys will ask you to share their page to other groups you belong just to lure in many new ignorant bettors into their community and when you get defrauded you can't can't rant in their group because no one can post in the group except the admins

This business continues to thrive everyday because these guys keeping doing everything they can to make people fall for their antics and believe fixed matches are real

Come to think of it, if anyone truly have good and reliable source of fixed matches, do they need to ask the public people to pay them before giving it out or they rather keep quiet about it so bookmakers won't know about it and void the game

Why do people stop fall for this modern day fraud?