Gambling is a game of chance and luck. It involves trusting the idea of placing money in a particular game hoping to receive a sizeable monitory winning at the end of the day. People love gambling because it boosts their adrenaline to make money without stress.

You might have heard people saying that football betting is gambling while cryptocurrency is investment but looking at investing in the real sense could also be gambling, though it involves placing your money in a growing asset hoping to make gain as a return. Personally, I feel that they are both the same with slight differences and similarities.

The similarities between football betting and cryptocurrency

  • Both of them requires the a sizeable level of risk and reward. Without risk, there will be no profit or reward
  • You’re advised to use your spare money for football betting and cryptocurrency
  • High level of uncertainty
  • Both are not issued or backed by any bank or government
  • They can both make you wealthy or poor
  • They are both a game of luck

The difference between football betting and cryptocurrency

  • In football betting, there’s a house involved whiles there’s no house involved in cryptocurrency, although the market itself has been defined as the house
  • In cryptocurrency, you can predict the outcome of your investment but in gambling, it’s only a game of chance
  • It’s very unlikely to completely lose your money in cryptocurrency. You only run at a loss when they value sinks and there’s a hope of comeback.
  • In football betting, you completely lose your money.
  • Football betting analysis is not as feasible as that of cryptocurrency

You can see that football betting and Cryptocurrency can be tricky to differentiate but the truth is that they’re both the same at completely different ends of the spectrum. They both give you a great way to make money but they are both highly uncertain but cryptocurrency is somewhat predictable. 

I drop my pen at this juncture 😎

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