A new bill would legalize sports betting in Washington tribal casinos. In Washington State, internet gambling is a Class C Felony, and the laws against gambling here are among the stiffest in the nation.

This has a huge implication for Scorum. The Seattle area is home to a large number of casinos and fortune 500 companies with well-compensated employees. Tribal casinos are huge around this area and provide infrastructure for legal sports gambling.

The Professional and Ameture Sports Protection Act was stuck down last year. This act, written in 1992 banned sports gambling. As of last year, each state can legalize and regulate sports gambling as they see fit.

This could be a huge boon for Scorum and the sports betting industry. The biggest take away from this is to research internet and sports gambling regulations for your state. We may want to market Scorum in the Seattle Metro area when sports betting becomes legal there.