This is the fifth post of my betting results and it was delayed due to some logistics issue. I wasn’t at home with my Laptop so couldn’t collate the results. This one is for August 29 to September 4. The stakes are flat 10 units as usual.

It’s my second consecutive week in negative and it’s a very bad feeling. I lost very well that I had to rethink my strategy. Some teams let me down but I believe this is just a blip that I will recover from. It’s a marathon race and only for the strongest.

I placed 36 bets in the 7 days period with average odds if 1.46 which is slightly the same with last week own. 19 wins from 36 bets means I have a 52.7% win rate with 15 bets lost which is my highest so far. 2 bets ended as push. I am currently down by a massive 60.44 units.

You can see the line graph above showing the negative profits in units and also a picture of my bets for that week.


  • 36 Bets
  • 19 won
  • 15 lost
  • 2 push
  • -60.44 units loss
  • 52.7% win rate

August 1-7 final betting results +31.13 units

August 8-14 final betting results +13.52 units

August 15-21 final betting results +24.52 units

August 22-28 final betting results -7.08 units

Stay tuned for next week update. You can follow my blog for more betting tips.