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New Fairy Tale about Red Riding Hood and Wolf
My dark arts were again proved successful. I just lost all my liquid SCR by placing a bet on Arsenal against Crystal Palace, when bet-bot relived me with 10 free SCR. I didn't wait much, but thought Spurs won, now Arsenal must play serious and somehow win Wolverhampton. They must play something there. I put another bet on them. What happens you can see on bellow pictures. Now I am listening favorite song from TAP 011 group "Here come Wolf... Ugly and Hungry". For the and I must write my opinion that Arsenal is no more club but more like joke or Red Riding Hood in Fairy tale. Every similarity of this song with Arsenal FC is accidental. Lyrics on English: Red Riding Hood has been lost in Forestsearching for Grandmother I am sneaking over shrubbery and thorns Ugly and hungry ugly and hungry because I am Wolf! Here comes Wolf around him everywhere silence He is just one step behind me Here comes Wolf he is going to have me for no time I will become his prey so easy! Here come Wolf Here come Wolf Here come Wolf AUUUU When I blow and storm I am going to ruin your home! Easy girls I am waiting at Granny's hungry and nasty hungry and nasty! Grenny grenny how big is your tail ? Big and nice big and nice! Grenny grenny how big are your ears ? Silence and #!!#$#$ it LOL Here come Wolves here come wolves.... I guess I deserved no better because I bet on that club. Only consolation is that I helped Spurs in 3rd place race. Cheers! :)