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MLB playoff predictions
I give you my predictions for each matchup and the team I believe will win the world series this year. I will be betting on these picks at Wild Card: New York Yankees vs Oakland Athletics The New York Yankees are the superior team and see home field advantage in the wild card game. I fully expect them to win today. Winning this game means that they make it into the playoffs. New York has the 2nd best home winning percentage in all of baseball. The only team better than them is Boston a division rival. Boston is the reason why the Yankees are in a must win situation here. Boston won the division title forcing New York to play in a wild card game. In the National league Colorado and Chicago played in a wild card game yesterday. Colorado was victorious. The Yankees set the record for home runs by a team in a single season this year. In a game that is likely to be low scoring every bit of edge matters and that home run hitting edge is so valuable. American League series winners and league champion: Cleveland vs Houston: To be the best you need to beat the best. Houston is the reigning world series champion from last season when they beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in 7 games on November, 1/2017. Houston has not lost a step they are as dangerous as ever and they beat this Cleveland team 4 out of the 7 meetings played this season. I predict that Houston will make it to the American League championship series. New York vs Boston: This is a difficult series to predict. I am going with the New York Yankees. It can go either way but I feel the magic behind this team. Houston vs New York: Im going with New to put an end to Houstons season. There is a new American League champion in town. This is the best Yankees team we have seen in a long time. National League series winners and league champion: Colorado vs Milwaukee: This Colorado team is special I will bet on them to beat Milwaukee. Colorado was one win away from winning their first division title in franchise history. This is a dangerous team to be playing at this time of year as they just ended the season as one of the hottest teams in all of baseball. They are playing with an energy that I do not believe Milwaukee can match. Atlanta vs Los Angeles: As was just mentioned Colorado was one win away from winning their first ever division title. The team that killed their dream is Los Angeles. I believe Colorado and LA will be meeting in the National League championship. Maybe Colorado with get their revenge. I choose Los Angeles to defeat Atlanta. Colorado vs Los Angeles: Los Angeles is the better team on paper but I am not about to count out this Colorado Rockies team. I will be betting on them to make it through to the world series. MLB world series: Colorado Rockies vs New York Yankees: As much as I want to choose Colorado the Yankees are the team to bet on this year. I believe they will be champions. This might be the first time in MLB history where the two teams that win their wild card games make it to the world series. Its been a historic year for baseball why stop now. Lets see this matchup take place and the Yankees win their 28th world series in franchise history.