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Introducing Screbet: Track your Betscorum bets is a service that helps you keep track of your bets We don't need no showmore-ing (Nik P. Dylof) Sign UpTo register on Screbet you need to fill the registration form with your username, e-mail, and password.After that, you need to confirm your e-mail.Then to confirm your username you need to send 0.001 SCR to barbadosso with a memo "Access code <your code>". When you receive 0.001 SCR with the memo "Confirmed access to" it will mean that your account is activated. Also, see the video below from the teaser post if you don't understand the registration process. Top Menu Settings In the Settings tab, you can customize your preferred start page and your time zone. There are 4 options for the start page: Open-All, Open-Matched, Open-Unmatched, Open-Games.To set up your time zone, select the difference from GMT.There are no options for the date format at th moment and you can suggest your preferred format. Log out If you want to log out, just click on the logo or the Log out tab. Additional Links There are 2 links to quickly go to Betscorum: My bets and Betscorum main page. Main Menu Only the Open bets tab is available now. Settled bets coming soon. In each tab you can see stats of your bets: a number of bets, total staked and amounts matched and unmatched bets. There are tables below total numbers. Each row has three links: to bets for selected game (teams), to all market bets for selected game (market), to the page of selected game at Betscorum. On the pages Open-All and Games you can see changes in every numberOpen-All. All your bets Open-Matched. Only matched bets Open-Unmatched. Only unmatched bets Open-Games. List of all betting games Game-All You can get to this page from Open-All and Games Game-Matched You can get to this page from Open-Matched Game-Unmatched You can get to this page from Open-Unmatched Market-All Plans Date formats Settled betsCalculatorPossible settler

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