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My betting story
First to introduce myself,i am 35 year old professional bettor and i am doing this for living for last 7 years. I was big fan of sports my whole life and i was watching it daily whenever i could,but as a kid i didnt have much option so most of matches i watched was football(soccer) and basketball. I am coming form very small country with lot of great athletes and we have big success in lot of sports. I started betting when i was only 15 because first betting companies was opening their street shops in my country and most of my friends was doing the same thing.Begginings like always was full of mistakes and thinking that i was smarter than bookies,as usually i was loosing more than i was winning even i tried so much different sistems and sports and in the end i get conclusion that i am not good at it and quit betting for couple of years. My return to betting was accidently,i got some free money fromo one online bookie and i start to bet on live events,at that time online bookies had lot of mistakes that i was using to earn quite good money.Bookmakers get better all the time and they was fixing their mistakes so my betting needed to adopt,i was learning more and more about it and get to conclusion that only valuebets bring you long term profit. Last couple of years online bookmakers has changed a lot,fast limitation,excessive documentation and problems with withdrawals made me to switch to sharp bookies that never limits but there was much harder to find valuebets specially in football matches so i switched to tennis and have good success for last 2-3 years. Here i would be posting mostly my tennis picks and hoping to have good success.