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Predictions & picks for Arsenal Vs Bournemouth- EPL
Hello Friends, I feel you are healthy and enjoying your betting on betscorum. A wonderful platform for a free bet and easy to use. So Today I am once again with you for the new bet on betscorum. What are my choice price and prediction I would like to mention in this blog. Betting is very very risky for new people who have no proper knowledge but scorum had changed the mindset for those who are thinking like this. Scorum made betting platform easy and free as well. This week there were around 2 hot matches in England Premier League. As well as there are many other matches to bet with. In this blog, I am going to include the team information and predictions of the probable lineup and picks for my bet even. So here we go with our prediction. SourcePast Performance:- Arsenal is one of the top team in the ESL leading with the 4th position and with 53 points in the league table. If we go through the previous record for the team Arsenal than we can see they had won 6 matches against Bournemouth and in remaining 2 matches one drew another match as they lost against Bournemouth. So there will be no doubt about the win of Arsenal in this match. In England Premier League Arsenal are in form with their team management and they will definitely look for the victory in the tournament. Arsenal played 27 matches in EPL out of which they won 16 matches, 5 matches they drew and remaining 6 matches they lost in the league. The last match they played against Bournemouth was the victory for them with the score of 3-0. It was a great match and fans enjoyed a lot. Looking in the EPL the performance of Arsenal was good enough and the last 6 matches they played were WLWLWW format. They had lost against Manchester City very badly with a 1-3 score. But they stood up and followed by two wins continuous. Now let's see what happens at this match are they able to beat Bournemouth. Bournemouth played a total of 27 matches and won only 10 matches in this league. Which kept them in trouble and now they are against the top team of the league table. Remaining matches in which 4 matches were drawn and 13 matches they lost. Last 6 matches performance for Bournemouth was like LWWLLD. Here their last match was a draw match and hope to come back with their best performance in this tournament. They have 34 points in this league with securing the 10th position in the tournament. SourceSHORT PREVIEW:- Arsenal:- 27 matches played 16 won, 6 lost, 5 draw Last 6 matches:- LWWLWW Points:- 53 Injured Player or not going to play:- Hector Bellerin, Per Mertesacker, Santi Cazorla, Danny Welbeck and Lucas Perez. Bournemouth:- 27 matches played 10 won, 13 lost and 4 draw Last 6 matches:- LWWLLD Points:- 34 Injured Player or not going to play:-Lewis Cook and Andrew SurmanBetting:- This could be very easy to predict than the win for Arsenal but as they had their 4 players who are not going to be a part of a match so it is very hard to predict in this hot match in upcoming weekends. For now, I am going to bet on Arsenal or draw. As looking at the past they had only won one match against Arsenal. Bournemouth is around the 4/9 mark. The visitors can be backed at 17/2 and the draw is at 17/4. Arsenal beat Bournemouth twice last season with the score of 2-0 and now looking for another victory. But as it is very risky to predict still I am going with Arsenal and I hope I will win the bet. I am betting on which is very easy to use and I would recommend you guys to have a look at this site for betting if you are regularly doing betting. Odds:-1.141 Stake:-10 SCR Winner team:- Arsenal or Draw Last Prediction:- We won the bet as I predicted the match would be drawn for Liverpool vs Manchester United and I won the price. Hope you like my betting prediction. I will really like if you comment and tell your prediction for the team. Thank you very much for giving your precious time.