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5,000 SCR Giveaway Postponed
After getting an unexpected surprise on Friday with the launch of the Scorum Bet betting platform, everything looked set for the SBC 5,000 SCR Giveaway to take place over the month of December.Unfortunately some teething problems hit the site and it was forced to shut down whilst investigations were made into what went wrong. We have heard from the Scorum team that they have identified the bug that had caused the issues and that the site will be down for around two weeks whilst the team make sure everything is working correctly before it is brought back online.We also understand they will be making some improvements to the site, there were some issues around ease of use, though for a Betting product that has not been that long in development it had already met the SBC teams expectations, actually it far exceeded them in most areas.So, given the site will be unavailable for at least a couple of weeks, we think the sensible decision is for the promotion to now run in the month of January, that will then give all users plenty of time to get used to using the site and for any other kinks to be ironed out, so that hopefully we can look forward to using the site fully without issue whilst the promotion runs.Please do keep registering your name in our discord server if you haven't done so, you can find details on how to do that in my previous post, so I won't repeat them here. I for one have really missed the site and had only used it for just over a day, so I think that speaks volumes to what the team had achieved. I also understand that the team intend to add a ton load of features to the betting experience and I think we really will be very much spoilt over the coming months as new features are added to the functionality, I for one cannot wait to get using the site again.Looking at all of the chat on Telegram, it seems I am not the only one who can't wait for the site to come back online, I think the positive effect it has had on Scorum in general is tremendous, I am looking forward to the increased posting and banter that it will inevitably create and I know the team are looking to integrate betting into blogging side of the platform. This will open up the possibility of perhaps providing analysis backed up by solid betting predictions and the ability to offer up a challenge direct on a post.I can see a passionate Arsenal or Liverpool blogger posting a great preview article exploring all the reasons they think their team will win and then actually putting their Scorum on the line, with a link direct to their actual backed up prediction. They perhaps may get an equally passionate Spurs or Chelsea supporter wanting to take up that opposing position and this can play out directly on the site, you want bragging rights?You can get them on Scorum Bet!