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You Should Bet Like Them And Make Money
Well finally the day has come, the trumpets announce a celebration without equal in the lands of scorum, the "prophesied" betting platform without commissions has arrived at our hands and we have a treasure in sight. After that introduction with a slightly different style, I would like to run into a teeny subject, although I can not really contribute anything to the betting community from my experience and I simply do not have it. Still, I always find a way to climb the train! source Being in the situation of not being able to do my own analysis, or if I try it most likely is very risky (for all of us lol) and I know many of you who also ate your nails waiting for the day when our platform would be launched, are in the same situation of ignorance like me. Even the exit of betscorum had an abysmal reflection in the price of our currency, seriously if as an investor you did not take advantage to buy when it touched the 0.05 cents, you missed the opportunity to obtain almost a 300% profit in less than 2 weeks! But to the point! Scorum Blogs, is full of geniuses and users that you should follow by obligation if you want to be active in the betting platform, especially if you want to participate in the giveaway that is doing @ Stimp1024 to the betting community. Then do not stay out !! I think the most obvious ones are the most famous quartet of scorum, the founding heads of the scorum sports betting community and they definitely deserve to follow their posts! First we find costanza, which regularly (at least 2 times per week) writes about the "Belgium Jupiler Pro League" and has had good returns on investment, so follow some of the steps of this giant can leave you good benefits. Although he also write about others sports like the NFL, Betscorum has just left the oven and does not have another sports available :( in second place we found @fullcoverbetting, thanks to his posts we have a complete statistical tracking of the england premier league and obviously as costanza has a prediction model for the belgium jupiler pro league. in third place we have btb, directly the picks of bets to carry out especially the English soccer, having the premier league and many more leagues in which btb tells us their next movements. It is simply a great help for us that they are contributing their knowledge in scorum. BTB SOURCE the last of the group but not the least important, Stimp1024! The organizer of the giveaway of 5000 scorums to the community besides witness, with daily posts about specific matches you will be aware of who to bet thanks to his previews of the leagues, which are quite complete and more important are concrete! Wolves v Huddersfield Premier League Preview Already finished with the favorite group of scorum, it is a necessary mention! Mikey, is an ideal user and very friendly, just yesterday published his opinion about our betting platform and ventured to place 5 bets, which are about to be played. I doubt it's going to be the last post of mikey commenting on his bets, so I'm sure we'll have his teachings for a while I will keep the bets of all the users of this list, will make them also. and we will see who has better constancy in the victory. Even before the platform came out, I knew that following @ hersi007 was going to be something fundamental to place bets safely in the long run, Hersi007 does his own analysis of the games and at the end he tells you which winner is going to bet and other type of bets on goals, etc. Yesterday he published his bets in a game of the Indian super league, so bet with him. We had the 2 bets technically won, but another goal was scored in the 96th minute and that exterminated our under 2.5 I'll bet more every week after seeing the performance that each user gives Sport-x is a user quite undervalued because it has quality content, and has the same creation pattern as hersi or stimp, does a correct analysis of both teams to face and at the end of everything dictates its verdict to place a bet. AFC Bournemouth vѕ Arsenal Premier Lеаguе Preview Afifa also appears as a character with enough things to contribute in our way, for example in his last post we released more than 10 bets on the premier league. It is a user who has been active since the beginning of the platform and it is noted that it is enough to know in the field of football that is why I give my vote of confidence to your bets. Awesome Matches This Weekend I think that with this selection of users is more than enough to be inside the giveaway of Stimp, in addition to learning along the way. you know there are people who pay for advice and to know in which team to bet, but we have a full access to brilliant minds I think it is foolish not to take advantage of the gift of our community. Remember that you should not bet more than what you can lose, and given that it is in beta it is advisable to do it in small quantities as a test If you have other user recommendations, leave them in the comments!