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Digging For Value Bets on ScorumBet
It has been a bit slow on ScromBet and we also had the International break. I was too busy to catch the weekend matches but thought it was about time we had the 3rd instalment of the series. Previously on Digging For Value Leverkusen vs. Bremen Over 2.5 Lost Everton vs. Chelsea Under 2.5 Won Empoli vs. Frosinone Over 2.5 Won I had some good and bad luck with these bets. I had some good luck in that only 18.50 SCR was matched on the losing Leverkusen game, the bad luck came in the fact that my bet wasn't registered for the Empoli win. I have had this before and will be keeping a closer eye on taking screen shots of matched bets. Still we made a profit for the selections of 46.99 - 18.50 = 28.49 SCR Add this to our running profit 55.87 + 28.49 = 84.36 SCR profit so far Now on today's bets for 150 SCR, I might look to up this with the low low price of SCR at the moment! English Premier League Arsenal vs. Newcastle Over 2.5 Goals on offer odds of 1.591 Model is giving 71% on over 2.5 Goals and odds of 1.58 or better. Not much in this but with so little action on betscorum this small edge will just have to do. 50 SCR @ 1.591 placed. Arsenal vs. Newcastle Over 3.5 Goals on offer odds of 2.666 Model is giving 50% chance on Over 3.5 and odds of 2.51 or better so we take the 2.666 at 50 SCR Spain La Liga Atletico Madrid vs. Girona Draw and Away Draw on offer 4.8 Away on offer 11.370 The model is tipping to bet on the Draw and Away at odds of 4.75 and 9.5 respectively. We have only got partly matched on the Draw so hoping for the rest of that to get filled. Stake is split 25 SCR on each outcome.

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