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Scorumbet, first impression
I started to have a look at Scorumbet just launched few hours ago. And first of all, congrats to the people who worked on it. I didn't spend so much time here on Scorum lately, due to a busy life out there :-), so I didn't see it coming. I saw few posts here and there this week, but I was not expecting that. The concept behind is really interesting, the website is really user-friendly, and it has been a real pleasure to test it today. With a great advertising and a continuous development, I am pretty sure this will spread on quite fast, looking forward to see that. Of course in few hours there is not so many bets available, but I already found enough to spend all my SCR available ^^ on BPL matches, let's see if I am lucky for the first week-end spent on it ! I encourage all those who are reading this and didn't take the time yet to have a look at it : if you like and bet regularly on sport betting platforms, if you don't like sport betting platforms but you sometimes bet with friends, if you are a sport addict, ... There is a thousand reasons why you could like it, I think you should try :-) As a regular sport bettor, I already asked myself what improvement I could expect on this website. Just to make it clear, guys if you are reading those lines, it is just what came to my mind right after using it, I don't expect anything out of this. Take it as suggestions, and again, you did a wonderful job, no doubt about it.More sports and type of bets. I guess it has just been launched, and you already have it in mind for the future, but I say it anyway. A board with the available bets for each league or matches of the day. Sometimes it can be time saving, instead of clicking on every game to see if bets are available on the Over/Under for example. Maybe it wont be necessary in the future when all matches will have all the odds available with a big number of bettors on the site.A way to select my favorite games and to have it in the front page, so that I can see the evolution of the available bets and odds. In the same type of idea, we could see next to our bets, the current best odd, to see if our bet was good, or if a better odd is available nowI don't know if there is a reason against it, but could be funny to see the bettor you are on competition with on one bets once it has been matchedMaybe it's planned too but a leader-board with the best bettors of the day/week/month, in term of winnings, ROI, etc would be fun too Thank you again for this great project !

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