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My Experiences, Confessions and Learning in Sports Betting Trading (My Scorum Debut)
Hello Friends! This is my first post on Scorum! My name is Jammerson Santana, I am from Recife, Brazil. My experience as a content creator I acquired at Steemit (my nickname is @jsantana too in where I kept my blog on this platform for about 2 years. I'm a street photographer, freelance photojournalist and an enthusiast of crypto currencies since the year 2011. I would like in this my first post, share with you my history and experience working as a sports betting trader, which will be my chosen theme to write on my blog on Scorum. I've known the sports trading for about seven years (since 2011). Like any business that appears on the internet with promises of income and financial growth, we must always carefully consider not to fall into some pitfalls and if it is in a sport as unpredictable as football, care must be redoubled. Here in Brazil, we say: "Football is a box of surprises." Nothing more correct. That team that seemed unbeatable could one day loose. That club that in their games were scored several goals, it can happen one day their match ends in 0x0. I've already lost a lot of money with these surprises that football reserves for us, so I always try to study the game that I'm betting on. I have already lost count of how many times my bankroll has been reset due to precipitous choices when placing a bet on a game without analyzing, studying. The biggest enemies in this market are perhaps anxiety, overconfidence, stubbornness and also greed. Emotional control is perhaps the key to everything. Source The sports trading is different from a simple bet (punting). In trading, we can only make money from the positive variation of the market, closing our bet at the lowest profit sign (GREEN). This is perhaps the biggest advantage of those who choose to work with this type of investment in sports betting, because, unlike a simple and pure bet, we do not spend as much time with our money exposed, and risk losing it if everything wrong. In the sports trading, the ODDS, are our "compass". The odds are that say the probability of an event occurring. The lower the odd, the greater the likelihood of your bet being won. In addition to the odds, which are our "North" in the sports trading, there are several strategies that we can use to get the most out of our sports betting. I've tried most of them so that I could see which one I would suit. This knowledge was important for me to know in what market I could work. What I have learned in these 7 years of trading in sports betting is that we should not risk what we are not willing to lose. An account I always make before I know how much money I'll put into a bet is not to risk more than 10% of my bankroll. It is difficult to follow this rule sometimes, because anxiety and greed "speak loudly", but it is better to risk little, always winning, than risking much and losing forever. In the next posts, I will bring to you some of these techniques that I learned and use in my day to day working as a sports betting trade. Thank you in advance for all my welcome here at Scorum and a hug to everyone!

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