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Quick Look at the New Blackjack Beta
Old Blackjack There are some issues with the original Blackjack game and the developer is refusing to acknowledge the issues and fix them, and it's dragged on for weeks now, so I ditched them. I'd like to thank everyone that tested and especially those that sent in screenshots and videos to prove to the developer that the errors existed. It's unfortunate that they chose to not honor the agreement we have in writing, but it's likely they will regret that very soon. New Blackjack Here is an early peek at the new Blackjack game which will be tied directly into the upcoming Casino, instead of an independent game. I can't wait to see everything up and running together very soon and we can all start having some fun times wasting our lives playing Casino games. =) If you haven't signed up yet, be sure to join to win your share of SCR in our Daily Freerolls! It cost nothing to signup, there is NO Membership fee and you can play for free all day long, even in Ring Games! If you don't want to play in Freerolls for Chips to use in Ring Games, then be sure to follow @ScorumPoker and Comment on our Weekly "Comment for Chips" posts which will reward all commenters with an equal share of the posts rewards in Chips on is not affiliated with and we rely on your upvotes to provide the site and daily Freerolls. Please consider giving our posts an upvote if you enjoy adding value to SCR!