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BETTING "Our New World".
This is an article in reference to Liuke96player Hall Of Fame contest that rolls down every week, with a lot of SCR to be won. With this contest, your recognition on the platform will take no much time. This weeks discussion is on betting and of course, who wouldn't love to make some stakes? The week 7 is already up and running, hit the link to view. Betting by its very own nature is a risk-ridden way to make money. But, when done with utmost care, it can also be fun and additional excitement to watching sports. Standing against all odds, betting is/has been one of the prominent activities majority of sportsmen dive into. According to random statistics, 84% sport enthusiasts engage in the wager "professional athletes excluded". Betting has really made lots of individuals rich as well as rendered some people broke financially. Other bettors kindly wallows beneath the shadows of win today and lose tomorrow. But how do you make the most of your bet? What’s the best way to get round the bookies’ tricks that try and pull you through their doors? THE GOLDEN RULES OF BETTING. (References laid on soccer betting). This are purely the ideas naive bettors miss while they make stakes in matches. They assume its all about giving the input and expect a desirous outcome. 1. RISK WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOOSE. Greed is a cause to this effect were individuals tend to stake lot more than they can bear to loose in a market event. The case of a team been the favourite gives the impression that its a win for them thereby causing the bettor to stake in his life worth. Unfortunately, if the favourite team losses, its a financial disaster. Source 2.CREATE A BANKROLL This is where you'll need to have a separate account where you bet from. This is an amount separate from your daily/monthly income. You'll have to create a reasonable bankroll to absorb potential losses. In relation to how much you can risk, you'll create a bankroll. With an average bet of 1 unit, a bankroll of 50 units is advised. So if you can afford $1000, the average unit should be $20 dollar on per stake. This might look small but with an intelligent staking plan, this'll turn into a substantial amount. Source 3.FOLLOW THE SPORT, NOT THE ODDS. This is the case where you'll need to know your sport inside out. Odds in a market portrays the chances of winning in an event. EX. Strasbourg (5.21) Draw(3.09) Monaco(1.73). With this odds, you'll see that Monaco will be playing away with a higher chance of winning the game. Some would preferably pick Monaco to win because the odds are in their favour ❌❌. Note: It doesn't really matter which team won their previous 6 games but how good their offensive and defensive play is and how it'll be against their next opponent. Source 4.AVOID PLACING A BET ON THE TEAM YOU SUPPORT. This act has rendered a lot of bettors broke. who would not believe his team would win? Who doesn't want his team to win? With sentiment, you'll choose your team to win without the necessary details on how good they are at that point. So avoid then in your accumulation even when they are matched up against an underdog. As a Manchester united fan, I try as much to avoid them while betting. My sentimental view towards them have done some harm to me in the past days. Source BETTING TIPS ***The favourite doesn't win always - Djokovic was the favourite in the ATP finals played couple of weeks ago but our 21 years old Zverev won the game. ***Avoid excess accumulation - With am effective bankroll, you can stake on singles rather that piling up numerous games in a betting slip. ***Know when to retract - Loosing cash to bookmakers really feels disheartening and you keep playing to recover your already lost money. With this mindset, you'll just keep loosing the more. Just take a break from betting and cool off the brain. ***Learn to change markets - If you are the type of bettor who goes for the most popular markets(1 X 2) and it doesn't favour you, you should try others like Both teams to score, the corner markets and so on. The Scorumbet was launched in late November. I played Three singles, won two and lost one. Though I lost game took away some SCR, it was better than accumulating all three games and loose the entire stake. The scorumbet is undergoing maintenance and upgrade for quite sometime now. If you feel like making more wins and less lose when it bounces back, you should check up on the is article by liuke96player to find assistance in analysing your bets. Two good heads are better than one my friend. Seek some assistance. I think that'll be all for today. Hope this was helpful? Air your views in the comment section. Source I'll leave you with this poem Take the risk down the hide Then hiss the worth up the hive Fearless bettors stakes the mountain even when the outcome is uncertain They live to bear the pain of losing yet receives the gain of winning Thanks For Reading...