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My Scorum Marketing Plan #1
Hi Guy's, When the betting Exchange drop's & if i like what i see I will begin marketing Scorum in my own unique way's. Fortunately i am in a position to be able to gain a lot of exposure to people who are into sport's and Gambling. Over the next few month's i will be posting plan's/detail's about it. With the upvote's to the post's i will dedicate any SCR gained and put it all into the marketing so please 100% upvote as your own way of contributing to growth.Quick raw overview of what i will be doing:Scorum sticker's for up and coming Australian Cricketer who is a close friend of mine & i coach him.The advertising will go on the back of he's cricket Bat. This is a big deal as he is of Indian Heritage so he is building following in Australia & India. No doubt will bring international exposure as he is a star, future Australian captain and could be massive for the platform. I will announce name in the coming month's when confirmed & if he's allowed to have it. Even if he can't he will be able to do other form's of social media exposure.Advertising on Horse racing Channel here in Australia via the sponsoring race's. This get's broadcast Aus wide to many punter's and general sports followers.Thailand Tuk Tuk's. I have a network of Tuk Tuk's in Bangkok Thailand that get massive amount's of eye's on them daily as there driving around. I personally own 17 & have another 30+ that i can implement Advertising. These get a great deal of exposure to people from all over the world who are holidaying in Bangkok and also the Thai people where it is illegal to gamble ;) Scorum will be able to be advertised easily here without any major problems & is a massive blackmarket country for gambling- Big on soccer i also have a link with bookmaker who turnsover big amount's who i will introduce to scorum. This is just to name a few. Stay tuned for more update's - As your investment upvote the post's i make on marketing & allow me to further build up something that will benefit everyone here in the future.Regard's, The Empire.

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