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FBBS Report & Egyptian Premier League
Source The good thing of having your own betting system is that you can use it for any league you want! Now, as you may have missed it, I launched my own system today/yesterday. The Egyptian Premier League is part of Betscorum, but funnily enough, there are not many websites out there assisting us with odds for the Egyptian Premier League. At least, I have not come across them. All I can find at the moment are odds on a few websites for the El Dakhleya vs. Haras Hodood match, but nothing on any of the other matches that are going to be played in the next couple of days. It is probably the league available on Scorum with the least bets being placed on. A couple of days ago there was only one match to play, which was a match in the Egyptian Premier League between ENPPI and El Gaish. We could then see that some people started to bet this league, but probably just because they wanted to bet, without knowing anything about it. Correct me if I'm wrong of course. In the upcoming days there will be four matches in this league, and as the league is available, I have also put it into my system. Here, I will be happy to share the results with you, so that we can increase the betting volumes on that league too. Note: The spelling of the team names can vary from the pictures that you see. This is due to the fact that all names are translated into Latin from Arabic. For many of these teams, there is no consensus, as to what is the correct spelling in Latin. In the articles and in my system I'm using the names as they appear on Betscorum. Before we go to the Egyptian Premier League, I would like to share the latest results of the FBBS system. At the bottom of the page, I will also show the odds for the other competitions besides the Egyptian Premier League. FBBS Results of 13 January 2019 I have to say, this was a very interesting day. I had 17 bets up, and out of those 17, only four went wrong. 13 bets were correct, which resulted in the system getting out of the red zone really quickly, back into the green. Throughout the day the profit and the ROI grew adequately. Now it's the task to keep this going upwards, also in the future of course. The biggest call here was Athletic Club (Bilbao) who won against Sevilla, that match brought a nice profit in. Dijon didn't win but was pretty close. I am happy with the first results of the model. Also, I am happy that @btb followed me, and that I could help him get a little profit on what was supposedly a bad betting week for him. Now onto the Egyptian Premier League Source: (Mundial 11) El Dakhleya vs. Haras Hodood Source Let's start with tomorrow's match between El Dakhleya and Haras Hodood. These teams are currently in 10th and 9th position in the league. Haras is currently one point ahead, and both teams played 18 matches this season so far. I mention this, because one team in the league has only played 15 matches, and some others have already played 19. Rankings in this league don't say everything if you look at it like that. El Dakhleya only won two of their eight matches at home, whereas Haras Hodood did not win a single time on the road this season yet, despite playing away eight times. They had four draws, however. That said, they did win four of their last five matches, but these were all at home. El Dakhleya had four draws and a loss in their last five matches. In head to head confrontations, El Dakhleya has had the slight overhand in recent years. Purely looking at the form, I would go for a draw, but according to my FBBS system, a draw is not very likely here, coming out with 4.81 in odds. El Dakhleya seems to be the slight favorite with 2.38, whereas the odds on Haras Hodood are 2.69. If you can get odds higher than what is calculated here, then I would consider that a good opportunity. If not, then maybe you should stay away from it, unless you are very confident about it. Own creation Misr El Maqasa vs. El Mokawloon Source Mis El Maqasa and El Mokawloon are currently the 4th and 5th ranked teams in Egypt. The home team collected one point more, but lost three of their eight home matches, whereas El Mokawloon only lost two of their away matches. Still, both teams only had five draws out of the 34 matches they played. It seems like a draw is not so likely, meaning a 12 bet would be nice if you can get good odds (better than 1.26) on it. From their last five matches, Misr El Maqasa won two, drew one and lost two, whereas they won four of their last five home matches, losing the other one. El Mokawloon, on the other hand, won four of their last five matches in general, they also ended up losing the other one. Their away record is equal to Mis El Maqasa's general record, two wins, one draw, two losses. Misr El Maqasa won three of the last five times both teams met, there was one draw and one win for El Mokawloon. But, in the last five head to head meetings when Misr was playing at home, they only won one. Two matches ended in a draw and the other two were won by El Mokawloon. This is a tough one to call, and the system says we should give the recent form of El Mokawloon the favor by going for an away win. Own creation El Entag vs. Pyramids FC Source El Entag is currently in the 6th position of the Egyptian Premier League. Opponents Pyramids, however, are second in the league, seven points behind leaders Zamalek. So far Pyramids collected eight more points than El Entag, but they also played one game less, meaning that in potential their lead could be eleven points already. If Pyramids wins this match, then it would already be 14 points, but in case El Entag wins, the difference will get lower, back to eight points. Is El Entag likely to lose though? Not really, as they only lost one home match this season. They only won two though, meaning four others ended in a draw. Pyramids only lost one away match, won four and drew three. In comparison to the other matches in Egypt mentioned above, this one is much more likely to end in a draw. Still, Pyramids are considered the favorites here. Also because they did not lose any of their last five matches in the competition, they won three and drew two. El Entag lost twice in their last five matches and managed to win two as well. They had a tough time securing the deal at home lately with three draws. I don't see El Entag winning this one, but a draw might absolutely be possible, therefore the X2 bet should look good here. Own creation Nogoom FC vs. Smouha SC Source Also this week, the match between 17th ranked Nogoom FC and 8th ranked Smouha SC. Both played 18 matches so far, which basically means that the rankings are probably what they should be. Despite the big gap in the rankings, there are only six points between them, of course in Smouha's favor. So far Nogoom FC played nine games at home this season and only won one of them. Three ended up in a draw, whereas five matches were lost. Both teams are actually performing better in away matches than they do at home matches. That should speak in Smouha's favor in this match. Nogoom won eleven points in away matches, but only six at home. For Smouha it is pretty similar, as they won nine points at home (9 draws), and won 14 on the road, four wins, two draws and two losses. Smouha is a team that draws a lot, but mainly in their home matches. Away they are more likely to win, especially against a team that is struggling at home and ranked low in the league table. Neither team won any of their last five matches. That has to change, so I would leave the draw aside in this match. A win for Nogoom is also not very likely, which means following the system and going for another away win sounds like the best way to go here. Bets for the upcoming days Besides the Egyptian ones mentioned above, there aren't many matched being played the next couple of days. Based on the FBBS system, my advise would be to go for:Haras HodoodManchester CityDraw or EspanyolEl MokawloonDraw or PyramidsBordeauxSmouha SC At the moment there are no odds on Betscorum for the Egyptian matches, but why not give it a try for yourself on those matches? Thanks again for reading, and stay tuned!

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