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Betting: Juventus vs Manchester United + Prediction Contest
On the first day of Champions League, Atletico Madrid took revenge against Dortmund by beating 2-0 at home. It means I lost the bet. Tottenham Hotspur got last minute winner to put Champions League hope alive. Inter and Barcelona played 1-1 draw today. But the most exciting group is C where all 4 teams have chance now. FK Crvena Zvezda defeated Liverpool by 2-0, second defeat for Liverpool away from home. Napoli and PSG played 1-1 draw. Now these 4 teams in group C are separated by 2 points, Napoli and Liverpool are at top with 6 points and PSG are at third with 5 points. SourceFor Juventus, they are the favorite to win this and closing it to the round of 16. They are undefeated in the league and Champions League. Once again, the main player is going to be Ronaldo who is now in good form. The other important player is Dybala who got the winner at Old Trafford. At Old Trafford, they won 1-0 against United, and would look to win again at home. Uninted are showing some good form in the league. They won both games after loosing to Juventus. Despite winning, they were not convincing in their victory. Their performance is no way near to trouble Juventus. It should be hard for the to win it here and break the Juventus defense. They couldn't score against Juventus at home last time. Betting: The obvious pick is Juventus to win this one and United don't have any chance here. The win for the Juventus win is at 1.61 which is good return. The win for United at Juventus is 6.50 and 3.90 for the draw. There can be no other pick than Juventus here. My Bet: Juventus to win @ 1.61 _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ PREDICT and WIN Here is your chance to win SCR and upvotes. All you have to do is to predict the score at the 90th minute of the given match. Only first 35 comments will be entertained, so it will be first come first serve method. Prizes:5 SCRTwo 100% Upvotes worth between $8-$9 (One upvote in your comment and second upvote in your recent post) (Note: I will only upvote your quality post. If the post is plagiarized or Google translated, you won't get the upvote. No hard feeling, the second upvote is to inspire you to make quality post). Rules:Comment the final score of the fixture given belowBe the first 35 to commentOnly the exact correct score will win the prize. If more than 1 winner, prizes are shared.(Note: Upvote/follow are not required for participation but appreciated) Please predict in following format: Juventus X-X Manchester United

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