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Predict to WIN 10 SCR: Croatia VS France
Finally, we are there after a long summer with 63 matches played around different cities of Russia, and Croatia and France make it to Grand Finale in a Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. To be honest, I never ever thought that Croatia will make this far, but for France, I believe many people predicted it as they have strong depth in their squad with wonderful players in every position. France defeated Belgium 1-0 in the semi-finals to join Croatia in the final who overcame England in additional extra time. This World Cup had been unpredictable as many of the so-called giants of football couldn't do well. For instance, Italy, Netherlands, and Chile even didn't qualify for the World Cup. Germany was out from the first round, while Spain and Argentina were beaten in the round of 16. Brazil made it up to quarterfinal but couldn't get move ahead against Belgium. Also, it should be noted that South American teams are not doing well in the World Cup and the last team to win it was Brazil in 2002. This year, none of the South American team made it to the semi-final and it should be frustrating for the South American fans. For the neutral fans, it had been the best world cup with all superpower falling down while underdogs doing very well. Prediction Contest I used to do a prediction contest and giveaway SBD in Steemit for English Premier League matches. I used to get around 70-80 participants in Steemit. I hope I can get a similar number of participants here in Scorum. Let us see how this contest goes. If it succeeds, I plan to during the English Premier League. For today, you need to predict the score for the Final of World Cup. Rules are pretty simple, you need to predict the score for 90 minutes of the game. 10 SCR is going to one winner, so I will be needing a tiebreaker if more than one user gets the correct score. For the tiebreaker, you need to predict the time for first goals. You need to comment score of the match and the time of goal in the following format Croatia 1- 1 France, 10 min If tie couldn't be broken with the first goal, then the Prize SCR will be shared. If you think it will be 0-0 by 90 mins, you don't need to provide the time, and there will be multiple winners. Rules:You must Upvote this post, with any percentage. (There is no restriction in voting percentage).One entry per person. If I find multiple accounts, you won't be getting the prize and won't be eligible for the future contest. (Note: An user Yashar Ghahremani created 3 fantasy premier league account and entered into the league. Please remove your team and you aren't eligible for this contest)You must comment your prediction in the following format: Croatia 1- 1 France, 10 min (Score, Time of the first goal)Deadline: 10:00 AM Central Time OR before the kick-off. All prediction after the kick-off will be invalid. I will pay the winner after the end of the match. Thanks -@lawlees

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