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My First Bet On BETSCORUM:- Alaves Vs Celta Vigo
source Hello, friends, I wish you guys will be fine and healthy. Today I am going to place my first best and I am very excited about it. As there were many opportunities in past for me to place bets but due to many other reasons and as a student I have to take over my studies as well. So I was taking a glance over the betting site of scorum from the date of the launch and trying to understand the plan. As I had never done this kind of betting, only the way I was connected with fantasy sports which are legally played in my country India. So I was earning some pocket money through it. But as I was looking over a platform to bet internationally and trying to earn some money. Scorum has given me a chance where I was connected from the beginning and also I had SCR in my pocket to place my bets. So as this is my first bet I wish I win this bet and win some free SCR for my next bets. Looking at the site at a glance from the first views it was very difficult for me to understand the site. But as due to my scorum community and his team help me a lot by reading their post I got to know somehow about the site. Here whatever information is being revealed are by my experience and you can correct me if I am wrong at any stage in the comment section. So here we go at the first bet I am going to play is on ALAVES VS CELTA VIGO My predictions and full analysis on both the team and probably playing squad will be enclosed below:- ALAVES VS CELTA VIGO:- Both the team had disappointed their fans with the performance on the La Liga League. So to predict which team will exactly will or loss is a difficult task for we people because of their losing performance from the last several matches. This match is on 23rd February on 11.30 (IST) on the stadium of Estadio de Mendizorroza (Vitoria-Gazteiz). They both team have low profile rating on this league but if we compare both the team Alaves are much stronger than Celta Vigo. Talking about the standings of both the team. Currently, Alaves are seating at 6th position on the table and the opponent team Celta Vigo is lacking at 17th position on the table. Both the team had played 5 matches among which Alaves had won 1 match and drawn the last match. The starter for the team was not much good as they were before. They loss continuous first 3 matches and then won the 4th match and the last they played against Betis was a draw match with a 1-1 score. Moreover, Celta Vigo had played a total number of 5 matches in this league and loss 4 matches. Whereas the beginning of the matches not so good for the team as they loss 2 match at the starting of a league and then played well against Sevilla and took lead at that match. After they lost again two matches and this is the match they need to win for the betterment of their team. ALAVES:- Source The overall performance of the team was not so good in 5 matches. But they have a great chance to show themselves in this match. Because the last 2 matches they played very well and the team is now fully confident about their wins. They have 36 points in this league and lead at the 6th position of the tournament. So I am placing my bet on Alaves as Celta had a great chance to win but looking at the team formation and overall performance of the team I believe Alaves will strongly defeat the opponent team. Looking at the past history only we can place our bets and it shows that overall the performance of Alaves are much good than Celta. Alaves should play with their last game players who had taken the match to draw and before to the victory. Thereafter, I would like to say when the odds are 2.30 or somewhat nearer to it the chances of winning the tournament for Alaves are more than 50%. Lago Aspas and Pione Sisto, chances of playing in the team are more after their return in Celta Vigo so they both can be a key player of the match.CELTA VIGO:- Source Looking at the point table the figures are not good for Celta but the data can be changed by playing this match extraordinary. they have 24 points in the table with the standing of 17th position. So I am not going with Celta Vigo as after looking the overall performance they had lost 4 matches out of 5 and this may be the worst league for Celta Vigo. The players for the team need to be changed for a while and need to work on the defence part. Looking at the goal history they score an average 1.41 goals in La-Liga. It will be interesting to know after the return of both the key players in the team, Iago Aspas and Pione Sisto, they should give up their 100% in this match to win the match. It is not sure about the playing of these two players in the team. However, after losing this matches their chances of playing are probably higher and the team should give a chance. They are at the danger line at this point table as they should stay above 24 points if they lose this match then probably there will not be another chance to win. Because after this match they have a match with Eibar team who had never lost the match in this league. So it will be strong to defeat them and take a position. Celta can defeat Alaves and take their position of 6th as they will not be in top 6 after losing the match. But if Celta lost today's match then they will be at 18th position and its a danger zone for any team. Head To Head:- Looking at head to head battle then both the team had an average of fewer than 2.5 goals. So the battle for both the team will be higher and stronger. One team will fight for position and another team will try to takeover opponents position. It will be interesting to watch the tournament at 11.30pm (IST). AT an average of goals we knew that Alaves are always first to score a goal and their points will be an average of 4/5 goals on the first chance. On the other hand, Celta had also 4/5 figures to score the first goal in the tournament. The matches played between both the teams before in the year 2017 and 2018. Alaves had won 3 matches out of 4 matches played.My Bets:- For this match I will play on Alaves with 2.447 odds and as this is my first bet I had taken a bet of only 5 Scr. There are certain reasons for it. The past history of Alaves is stronger than Celta Vigo as I said earlier in the above description. Moreover, Celta is at the lowest position and in this La-Liga matches, I think this will be the do or die situation for Celta Vigo. So to bet with Celta is a risky thing. Looking at the overall perceptive I believe Alaves will beat Celta and I hope my first bet go with me and I win this bet. There are few hours left for the tournament so let's see what happen in the match. I would be happy if you comment below about your thoughts and prediction about the match. Betting site:- Score Prediction:- 2-1 Odds:- 2.447 Stake:- 5SCR ( for the first match) Betting Team:- Alaves Profit:- 7.23 (SCR) ( IF I WIN ) Thanks for having a great time with me. I will really love to see your comment about your prediction and betting. If I have done some Mistake than feel free to tell me about the match. WITH REGARDS:- @jaineel

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