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250SCR in Free Bets via Betscorum & The Big Match Live
As Luther Vandross once said the best things in life are free and if Luther were with us today I'm sure he'd agree that the best things on Socrum are free bets! I've been offering these bets for the last couple of weeks via the Live Blog series and we've had some decent uptake but now it's time to take things to the next level. With the help of @stimp1024 who has kindly donated 100SCR to our pot, the live blog team will now be offering 10 risk-free bets to the tune of 5SCR each on the next 5 matches that we cover. The schedule for those matches is as follows From top of the table clashes to relegation 6 pointers all the way through to the Champions League knockout stage, we have got a match for everyone to get excited about and absolutely anyone to have a bet on. It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned pro on the betting exchange or if it's your first time having flutter you are more than welcome to participate and the best thing is that you can't lose. That's right, we will guarantee to return your stake if your bet loses! The exact terms and conditions of the bet and how to claim it can be found on our discord chat which is hosted by @btb and the SBC on their channel. One thing I have noticed is that some of the users who have tried to enter our first couple of free bet giveaways don't have liquid SCR in their wallets to make the initial bet. Unfortunately, this is a necessity as you yourself will need to place the bet in the initial bet and we only send you the 5SCR if your bet loses. However, don't despair as it's pretty simple to get some liquid SCR by using one or several of these options How to Boost your SCR holdingsLook for predict & win contests - There are loads of these around and they are a fun and free way to build up a bit of a bank with which to bet with. They generally involve predicting the result of a sports contest (usually football), the score or the scorers Look for other contests that are on offer - These could be writing contests, poker tournaments or one of any number of other competitions that users have created and which they are offering a SCR prizePower down some SP - Oh my God did he just use the "P" word? I think there is still a little bit of mystic around powering down and the influence it has on you and the platform but for the purposes of providing you with some liquid SCR with which to bet with it is a solid and in this instance risk-free option. Remember you can still use your SP to vote while it's powering down and you can cancel the power down at any point (you just need to wait 1 week if you actually want to see liquid SCR in your wallet). Of course once your bet has been won or lost you are free to instantly power up that SCR back into SP. In fact if your bet wins you could power your winnings up and have a larger stake and upvote on the platform and if your bet loses well because we cover the loss anyway, you've not lost any influence or value in your upvote and given that you'll be helping drive liquidity on the exchange then it's a win-win situation! Buy SCR on an exchange - Openledger, Hotbit and Systemkoin all list SCR for exchange but if you would prefer a more direct method of purchasing SCR then you can do so via Scorum's internal exchange. Just click on your SCR balance and then 'buy SCR' - you'll need ETH to do so but that can brought using cash from a variety of different sites. We're here to help The betting exchange and the concept of a risk free bet can appear confusing if you are not familiar with them but there are plenty of people here to help answer any questions you may have. I myself didn't know what a risk free bet was or how to use a betting exchange until about 18 months ago and since then I've made over £1000 using free bet offers (and arbing) on a large variety of bookies and betting exchanges. A lot of users will have signed up to the Scorum blogging site specifically with the intention of gaining some online income. Free bet offers like this and the many other offers that are around (I note that Scorum-Fans are currently running one and @hassan still has his initial free bet offer open) are a fantastic way to boost that income and all you need to do is click a button! That's right ....... Get free SCR by clicking a button!!! If you have any questions about the free bet scheme, getting liquid SCR or placing a bet on the exchange then please feel free to contact me or ask in the comments Otherwise our next live blog where you can claim a 5SCR free bet will be hosted by @lama10 this Saturday (Arsenal v Chelsea)