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F**k The Bookmakers. Edition 9
Hi guys! How are you? I hope all is well! After a two-day break in which we avoided betting due to the lack of interesting games, we return to the track with a new episode of FTB! Before starting with today's bets I want to leave you with real data, which you can consult yourself, of the results obtained so far with FTB. We have bet 35 times with an average buy-in of 10 euros and we are winning 205.50 euros. We round off to 205 for convenience and let's go to calculate ROI. How to calculate the ROI in bets: Total winnings / Total invested * 100 In our case: 205/350 * 100 = 58.57%Yes, you read that correctly! So far we have a ROI of 58%, it seems unreal but ROI so high (or vice versa) can happen very frequently in sample sizes of bets so low. This means that, as I would say in the language of poker, we are Godrunning! We simply hope to continue like this. This series on Scorum is bringing enough luck to me! Monday BetI didn't post any bet on Monday because I was focused to write down my experience at Barcelona Games World! But Monday was playing my team and I can't avoid betting on it because I was sure that Napoli was going to win against Atalanta. I bet on Napoli wins and Over 2.5 as you can see: Today's BetLet's move on to today's bets. Today play the Premier League, on which I'm concentrating as ever in my life, just because I read your blogs on Liverpool, on Chelsea, on the City and I find them very exciting and interesting. Together with Ligue 1 today we have several games to focus on and try to find some value bets. Valladolid - Maiorca 1@1.75: Odds are so high because Valladolid comes from a negative streak and Maiorca from a positive one. Also, Valladolid already won on Maiorca field so maybe they will play with second lines. By the way, I think it is a too high odds to be missed: we are talking always of a match between a Liga and Liga2 teams.Wolves - Chelsea 2@1.75: I've never seen Sarri lose two consecutive games, probably beating his players. I think Chelsea will win and the odds are not too high as the Wolves are tough at home, but we take it the same.Reims - Toulouse 1@1.80: Big difference in the leaderboard between these 2 teams + Reims plays at home. 1.80 is a high odds in my opinion.Everton and Tottenham X: I bet on both matches on X because I think we will see a Draw in one of these three matches (Everton, Liverpool and Tottenham). I bet on 5 Euro each. JOIN CRYPTO RESISTANCE We have created a Discord channel where we share our ideas to improve the experience on Scorum and where we will do a curation program. We are already over 150 members. If you want to enter this is the link:

FTB #2 The Sunday

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