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FC Goa vs Chennaiyin-Preview-Prediction & Bet
source Hello friends, Today I will talk about A match which is important for both the team. The match is played between Fc goa and Chennaiyin Fc on 28 February at 7.30 pm in the evening at an Indian standard time. Moreover, the match is at Jawaharlal stadium which is situated in Goa. The season is of the Indian premier league. In the last post, my prediction was 80 percent true show I am sharing my experience to you with my sports knowledge. As I am not a professional in a bet, but I will include every point such as team preview, Team news, which team will win, Head to Head records are the major points I will include. Beside this the ranking of the team and player news also mentioned. so without wasting your time on the website, you can read my blog and hey tips from it to win a handsome earning. I always predict on one team and write a blog on it so everyone gets helpful and from this, they also do predict and win a good amount. FC Goa:- The match is playing in Jawaharlal Nehru stadium of fatorda in goa which is home ground for goa and so team goa have theirs on supporter which is helpful to win the match. FC goa team ranks second in the Indian premier league point table and also they are capable to win the match and retain their position. Moreover, there is no other team news about the injury. In the previous match FC goa suffered a loss against Bangalore and now they are playing against the worst team of Indian premier league and so FC goa is capable to win the match and retain a second position. Chennaiyin:- They rank last in the point table and so they will freely as to win the match. Apart from this Chennaiyin did not make a crowd happy with their performance and so it is the last chance for them to come up in the point table. If they win the match then also they are not capable to win the match as they are already out of the tournament. In this year they only win two matches and so they are bottom of the point table. They will open with the same team members because they want good performance from their team. Head to Head Both have played total 12 games together and out of them Chennaiyin had won 6 matches and goa win in 5 matches and in one match the result was a draw. In the previous match when both team matches occur at that time goa win the match with 3-1. The match was in Chennai and then also goa win it so today match is in goa and goa is a Very strong team to win it. Apart from this Chennaiyin ranks 10 and FC Goa are at 2 positions in Indian premier league point table. My Prediction On seeing my overall preview I decide to bet on goa. Goa is a strong team to win and also the players are fit as they won 9 matches in this season whereas Chennaiyin wins just 2 matches. Team goa has good strength and they are capable to win the match as they rank top in the point table. Furthermore in the previous match when they meet together at that time FC goa had won it with 3-1 and so they are favourite to win the match. I am going with goa to win the match. SCORE PREDICTION:- FC Goa 3-1 Chennaiyin Winner = FC Goa @1.535 and total 2.5 over @1.634 Stake (SCR): 20+10 = 30 Betting website:- Thank you, everyone, for reading my blog and giving me your time. I really love to see your comment in the comment section about the upcoming match prediction.Regards..