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Playoffs Week 03 Results | 01W-06L-00P | -2.287 Units Loss
I'm making these posts weekly as a way to track my personal pre-game handicapping results along with my live betting action on Belgian Teams. These posts will always contain some insights when it comes down to my general approach and what I do to increase my chance of beating the market. Very difficult 3rd week in the Playoffs, I'm on Ski vacation in France this week and hoped to be able to continue the good flow I was in so I made sure to prepare everything properly. Things didn't work out as I hoped though given the fact that the internet is really bad around here and I needed some last minute fixes to bypass the bookmaker country restrictions. I often use radio reports (when there are multiple matches at once), but everything was just so slow and delayed that it was practically impossible to do some proper live betting. That along with the fact that I didn't really get lucky at any time made it into a very bad week betting wise even though most pre-game ideas were quite good. I haven't got my personal excel sheet here, so this post will be less detailed without an updated result chart included. I do like to keep up my routine though and I'm not really willing to break it. Next 2 days there will be no post but I do have all the means to prepare already for week 4 so previews will be posted as usual. I'll be home again being able to use my usual live betting setup on Saturday evening. If anything this week was a good lesson and next time I am away during the league (this happens rarely), I will make sure to continue the follow everything and make all the needed preparations without actually betting a lot. Anything less than optimal when it comes down to betting pretty much decreases the already quite small overall edge. I only got out 3 live bets on the SBC Discord Server and all of them lost. Especially the last one on Club Brugge vs Standard 1H Under 1.25 was quite unfortunate as the idea itself was good and the odds dropped quite hard as Standard had everything under control until an own goal came out of the air. Discord Live-Bets Oostende vs Beerschot Wilrijk 1H Under1 @ 1.87 (12' 0-0) LOST Moeskroen -0.25 @ 1.877 (19' 0-0) LOST Club Brugge vs Standard 1H Under 1.25 @ 1.97 LOST (A chart update will be posted in week 4 when I'm back from my Ski Trip) Previous Personal Playoffs Results Week 03 Results 07 Bets | 01W-06L-00P | Staked 03.50u | -2.287u Loss... Week 02 Results 19 Bets | 13W-04L-02P | Staked 09.09u | +3.917u Profit Week 01 Results 45 Bets | 23W-15L-07P | Staked 17.57u | +1.228u Profit Let me know in the comments how your betting weekend was!