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UP☝& DOWN👇: My BETSCORUM Monday 04/02 Report 📝
Hi my dear Scorum friends! The last weekend was not at all positive for me, since I guessed good predictions, but also completely wrong some bets on which I had invested the most substantial stakes (Rome - Milan and Lyon - PSG above all). So, I started the week with the intention of regaining, trying to play with attention and good strategy. I tell you right away that I did not really succeed like I wanted and, to understand it, just look at the number of my bets. Many, if we consider the matches were played yesterday. But, as I said in my last post, I'm having a lot of fun using BETSCORUM and I do it more willingly if I think that regardless of profits and even in case of loss, I'm feeding a system that I firmly believe in. In this screenshot ☝ you can see all the movements effected yesterday. Let's analyze them individually. The day had started well, since, before going to sleep, I had placed three OVER 1.5 bets with a medium-high stake for my parameters, 30 SCR for each. And for all three I went to the cash, 'cause the total number of goals was 2 per match.Cùcuta - Envigado OVER 1.5 @1.500 - STAKE: 30 SCR - RESULT: +15 SCR ✅Boyacà Patriot - CD América OVER 1.5 @1.600 - STAKE: 30 SCR - RESULT: +18 SCR ✅Millonarios - CA Bucaramanga - OVER 1.5 @1.410 - STAKE: 30 SCR - RESULT: +12.30 SCR ✅ It was a good awakening... ☕ In this regard, I would like to point up once again the importance of the SBC group which, with Sasha and Scorum Bookie, match all the uncovered positions, provided that the odds are correct. This effort gives us the opportunity to place not-impossible gambles, which would otherwise remain unmatched, and in many cases, to bring home winnings. It doesn't always happen, clearly, and continuing to read the post you will have proof of it 😄 Continuing in order of time, the next match was Delhi Dynamos - FC Goa. An event on which I wanted to try a different strategy, by placing 3 bets that were not going against each other, but they could be reciprocal parachutes. The best profit would come with a score of 1-1 or 2-1, but in this case, it didn't go so well. The match ended 0-0 and so I hit only one prediction out of three, by making a passive.Delhi Dynamos - FC Goa OVER 1.5 @1.250 - STAKE: 10 SCR - RESULT: -10 SCR ❌Delhi Dynamos - FC Goa BTTS @1.740 - STAKE: 10 SCR - RESULT: -10 SCR ❌Delhi Dynamos - FC Goa UNDER 3.5 @1.600 - STAKE: 10 SCR - RESULT: +6 SCR ✅ But the worst part was yet to come. Motivated by the OVER 1.5 night triplet, I tried another one, always with medium-high stakes. Well, in this case the results were totally opposite to the previous ones. And the passive was really remarkable, because especially as regards Cagliari - Atalanta, I was absolutely convinced that I would have easily taken the prediction. But instead, even for a bit 'of bad luck, it did not happen. But there is, sometimes it's okay, some do not. Bursaspor - Konyaspor OVER 1.5 @1.484 - STAKE: 20 SCR - RESULT: -20 SCR ❌Belenenses - Moreirense OVER 1.5 @1.500 - STAKE: 20 SCR - RESULT: -20 SCR ❌Cagliari - Atalanta OVER 1.5 @1.250 - STAKE: 35 SCR - RESULT: -35 SCR ❌ 😵😲 While this series of tragic events was breaking down on me, I managed to save myself with two successful forecasts. One was the umpteenth OVER 1.5 on Rayo Vallecano - Leganés, this time guessed. The other match was Frosinone - Lazio, the one on which I had invested the highest stake of the day, 50 SCR. I predicted Lazio away victory, which was very likely and in fact it occurred, even if only 0-1, while I expected a clearer victory. And so, even in this situation, I had to remain in suspense until the end. But this time it went well. Rayo Vallecano - Leganés OVER 1.5 @1.500 - STAKE: 27.50 SCR - RESULT: +13.75 SCR ✅Frosinone - Lazio 2 Winner Lazio @1.441- STAKE: 50 SCR - RESULT: +22.05 SCR ✅ And finally, since I was not happy with the messes up until then, I ventured into the live bet on West Ham - Liverpool, convinced that I could take a good odd for the Reds' victory. But the result has not moved from 1-1 and for me it was another defeat. Damn!West Ham - Liverpool 2 Winner Liverpool @1.850 - STAKE: 20 SCR - RESULT: -20 SCR ❌ (LIVE BET) TOTAL STAKE (SCR) 292.50 TOTAL RESULT (SCR) - 27.90 ❌ PERCENTAGE TREND - 9.53% ❌ SEE YOU SOON WITH NEW BETSCORUM EXPERIENCES!! 👋 Scorum-Italia is the italian Witness Scorum Team Walk the Scorum road with us!! You can find our intro post here For voting your witnesses, go to Enter your account name and key, then click on the box corresponding to the chosen witness. You have a total of 30 votes available. JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER HERE

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