Betting / liverpool

I'm all in! (And I have important news to discuss)
After starting with around 49 Scorum Coins, I am now working my way up to 115 SCR, pending the outcome of my next wager. As you can see I am all in with my 98 liquid SCR tokens seeking a 17% return on my investment. If I were to have placed this wager on a major sportsbook such as Bet365, the odds were only 1.14 so I will gladly take this extra 3% and be on my way. In 10 hours and 20 minutes, Liverpool will be playing Watford in the English Premier League and for my wager to be successful I either need Liverpool to win or the match to end in a draw. I am confident that Liverpool is the better team and should walk away with the victory, if they don't I certainly don't believe we will see any other outcome than a draw so I chose to take Draw or Liverpool as my bet and felt comfortable going all in on this one. I'm a big fan of Scorum Bet, cannot wait for American Sports and Tennis to be added, so much room for growth. I noticed that the platform is called Scorum Bet even though the domain name is, I was going to buy the domain name Scorum.Bet and then I noticed someone purchased it today before I could. I hope that the Scorum Team is in possession of this domain name, it was going to be my gift to them. The information does not match that of, which is a domain name purchased using Might need to keep an eye on this, someone might be planning to create a phishing website to gain access to Scorum user accounts. Every detail matters if we want to see Scorum Bet become a popular online betting platform, the name Scorum.Bet would help out a lot. First, we need to find out if the Scorum team purchased this domain name or not, we don't want anyone in the community falling victim to a potential phishing attempt. If anyone can offer some more insight on this that would be great.