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⚽ My BETSCORUM Serie A Picks of the Weekend ⚽
Good morning to all of you, my Scorum friends, and Happy Saturday! Also this week I want to continue with the format I presented in the last two rounds of the Italian Serie A championship. I chose four matches on which I bet using BETSCORUM that, as always, I invite you to try, always being careful not to exaggerate and not to get carried away. I hope that the predictions you will see will be useful for those who are not too expert about the Italian football league and the quick analysis I will propose can help you get clearer ideas. Quietly, I hope they are right and that we can celebrate beautiful winnings together. Let's go to see them.FIORENTINA - NAPOLI SOURCE Fiorentina came out unbeaten from the match against Udinese and it confirmed that it's in a positive moment. The trend in home matches, however, is fluctuating. In the last 5 Serie A League games 1 victory, 2 draws and 2 losses. Against a fearsome opponent like Napoli, it will be needful indeed a great performance. Napoli returned to smile with a convincing victory against Sampdoria in the last round. But away from home, in the recent period, it is not as bright as usual. After making 4 victories in a row, Ancelotti's boys only obtained one point in two matches against Inter and Milan at San Siro. My bet for this match is X2 - Draw or Napoli Winner @1.314 ODD I'm assuming that Napoli will not lose this match. But I think Fiorentina could give a hard time and get a draw, even if I believe that, in the end, Naples will bring home the victory. Conservative choice, hoping may be a prediction that gives us tranquility.SASSUOLO - JUVENTUS SOURCE A difficult mission that of the Neroverdi by Mister De Zerbi, who will face the leaders conducted by Cristiano Ronaldo. Sassuolo, however, at home has good numbers, as it has lost only 2 times in 11 games played in this league. In this case, a feat will be needed to achieve a positive result. Juventus is firmly in the first position of the rank, but it arrives to this match after some not really formidable performances. The draw at home against Parma and the elimination from the Italian Cup by Atalanta are false steps that weigh for such an important team. Clear that for the Allegri players the only target of the challenge against Sassuolo is the victory.My bet for this match is 2 - Juventus Winner @1.565 ODD I do not think Juventus misses another chance, so I bet the highest stake of the day, 50 SCR, on the Bianconeri's victory. And I must say that I was also convinced by the odd, which seems very interesting. We'll see, for sure if there will be any surprises, I'll have a bad time. BOLOGNA - GENOA SOURCE Bologna, after the arrival of the coach Sinisa Mihajlovic, managed to win at the San Siro Stadium against Inter in the last Serie A round. Undoubtedly a great result, but we must understand if it was the consequence of the push given by the new coach or if they have really found the right way to get out of the danger zone. Genoa has absorbed well the loss of its strongest player, the Polish striker Piatek, and has found a new very prolific striker with the new arrival Sanabria. Prandelli's players have obtained 4 points in the last two matches and they will probably try to continue the positive trend.My bet for this match is OVER 2,5 @2.264 ODD Here is my riskiest bet. All the roads would bring to UNDER, but I feel like it could be a hard-fought match with a lots of goals. The defensive deficiencies of both teams and the desire to win of Bologna could be decisive. Fingers crossed!MILAN - CAGLIARI SOURCE Milan continues the run-up to get in the top four and get access to the next Champions League. It 's clear that matches like this can not be wrong, as they would seriously compromise the road to this objective. Rossoneri are, however, in a good moment of form. Cagliari is going through a difficult moment, since it has not yet won in 2019. In the last match against Atalanta at home, they showed a good reaction, but the team failed to get points, also due a bit of bad luck. It will be hard to do it at San Siro, as far from Sardinia they hav obtained only 1 victory and 3 draws in 11 games.My bet for this match is 1 - Milan Winner @1.435 ODD A really important occasion for Milan, I don't think that they will let it escape. I assume the home team's victory is the most likely option. With this bet, I participate to the BETSCORUM free-bet 100SCR #4 by my friend @giornalista and sponsored by SCORUM-ITALIA WITNESS. Here 👆 are my bets matched on SCORUM BET GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US!! 🍀 Scorum-Italia is the italian Witness Scorum Team Walk the Scorum road with us!! You can find our intro post here For voting your witnesses, go to Enter your account name and key, then click on the box corresponding to the chosen witness. You have a total of 30 votes available.

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