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Two Incredible Betting Days on BETSCORUM 😱
Hi my friends! As I have already told you several times, in these last weeks I'm having fun using BetScorum. I'm also trying to find ways to make a profit, even if it's never easy when it comes to betting. Although the month of February was not very positive, I didn't give up and I continued to look for the best possible strategy. Indeed, there is not one, but I can say that, correcteing errors and avoiding some mistakes that I often did, things have improved. Then it's clear that luck plays a decisive role. It may have been the right mix, but effectively, in the last week I managed to invert the trend and make a considerable profit. And so, today, I want to share with you my two best sequences, made proper in the last days. The image you see here ☝ refers to Wednesday, February 27, in which I managed to make the result column completely green! This was possible mainly thanks to the Arsenal and Manchester United victories, but also to the OVER 1.5 of Southampton - Fulham, ended with the result of 2-0. In addition, I managed to hit two matches in the Colombian Liga Aguila and the Caracas FC victory in Copa Libertadores. If you see a lot of little bets, especially on Man Utd, it's because I tried to take all the better odds that were presented and, on these, small stakes were often placed. In short, I must admit that it went very well. TOTAL STAKE (SCR) 115.47 TOTAL RESULT (SCR) + 60.14 ✅ PERCENTAGE TREND + 52.08% ✅ Here ☝ you can see my bets on the last weekend, on Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 March. I will not lengthen on listing all the matches in this image, because they are so many. In this case, I managed not to duplicate any game for taking the best odds, and this thanks especially to the BET BOT of @waveyourflags, who matched some of these bets with very interesting odds. Once again, I take this opportunity to invite all those who are reading this post to support @julienbh and his great project. I was not able to make 100% of won bets, as in the previous screen, but this counts very little, considering that the lost stake was the lowest of all. Rather, in this case, the result was almost as good as the previous one... TOTAL STAKE (SCR) 325.05 TOTAL RESULT (SCR) + 119.87 ✅ PERCENTAGE TREND + 36.87% ✅ Well, I think I can really feel very satisfied. I hope to continue like this, even if I already know it will not be easy at all. I greet you with my bets for tonight and I wish you Good Luck! 🍀 Scorum-Italia is the italian Witness Scorum Team Walk the Scorum road with us!! You can find our intro post here For voting your witnesses, go to Enter your account name and key, then click on the box corresponding to the chosen witness. You have a total of 30 votes available. JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER HERE

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