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Belgian League Week 29 Early Bet
All matches of the last 2 weeks of the regular season in the Belgian League will be played at the same time. This usually gives more incentives to take pre-game bets since it's much harder to follow everything live. I've been looking at things all week waiting for the maximum betting limits on the Asian markets to increase without much luck. I will take one early bet in BTC and likely have some more pre-game positions later on this week. Eupen vs Club Brugge This is a match between Club Brugge who need to take every point they can get in their chase for the title and Eupen who have nothing left to play for. Club Brugge has been in a better flow again winning deserved against Sint-Truiden last week who were quite solid defensively. Eupen, on the other hand, has been in a downtrend after they became sure to stay in the league. Their players have shown signs of both mental and physical fatigue and are without a win in their last 6 matches only taking 1 point. 1.6 type of away odds are generally one of my least favorites and I try to avoid those at all cost. I do see Club Brugge taking a strong pressing start in this match though and the odds for them being in the lead at HT are worth the risk for me. In case the bet loses it could give a solid betting setup for the 2nd half. I took Club Brugge 1st Half -0.5 @ 2.18 on Sportmarket Pro. 2.142 odds are available at Nitrogensports which I would have gladly taken if I did not have the daily odds boost from which I used boosting the odds to 2.19. I'm tracking the odds for the record @ 2.142 -------------------------------------------- Date | 10/03/2019 Bet | Club Brugge 1st Half -0.5 @ 2.142 Stake | 0.01 BTC (10mBTC) Bookie | Nitrogensports (bet ticket) -------------------------------------------- I have been using Nitrogensports as my main BTC bookmaker for over a year and have had a very good experience so far and also get a solid B+ rating on Sportbookreview. They offer market leading Pinnacle odds, have good limits. I place all the pre-game bets just before posting. affiliate link / normal link Previous Scorum Bets Records Feb 2019 | 04W|02L|0P | 60 mBTC Staked | +23.21 Profit | +23.21% ROI Jan 2019 | 01W|09L|0P | 100 mBTC Staked | -79.64 Loss | -79.64% ROI Dec 2018 | 04W-10L-1P | 150 mBTC Staked | -58.88 Loss | -39.25% ROI Nov 2018 | 07W-10L-0P | 170 mBTC Staked | -32.17 Loss | -18.92% ROI Oct 2018 | 06W-09L-0P | 150 mBTC Staked | -28.29 Loss | -18.86% ROI Sep 2018 | 13W-0L-1P | 140 mBTC Staked | +141.82 Profit | +101.3% ROI Aug 2018 | 5W-1L-2P | 80 mBTC Staked | +45.47 Profit | +56.84% ROI July 2018 | 7W-4L-0P | 110 mBTC Staked | +44.79 Profit | +40.71% ROI Total | 47W-45L-4P | 0.960 BTC Staked | +0.05631 BTC Profit | +5.87% ROI

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