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My 250-1 Bet on Big Time Odds Are Here!
Update: I learned that I was loking at the wrong screen and making an incorrect assumption. Although I do have a 250-1 bet placed, I would need a 4-4 or 5-5 draw to win it. Thanks to the hard work of individuals and groups here on Scorum, the SBC (Steem Betting Community) being one of them, we have a wide range of odds being offered on available bets on Users are offering odds better than that of well-known betting sites around the world, which gives bettors a rare opportunity to bet without paying a commission and at better odds than anywhere else.This is what could drive to become one of the most desired betting destinations on the internet.Whether it was a very confident bettor or a mistake, I found a rare opportunity that I couldn't pass up when looking to place a small bet on my West Ham United Hammers. I had 1.97 SCR SCR available to bet, and since I believe that the Hammers will win the match 2-1 or 3-1, I planned on placing all 1.97 SCR on West Ham to win.But then I saw it. As I scrolled down on the page, I saw the following: As you can see, a user is offering a potential payout of 250 SCR in profit for 1 SCR (251-1 odds) on the "any other draw." Since 3-3 and 2-2 are listed underneath that bet, "any other draw," and correct me if I'm wrong, means that if the match ends in a tie that isn't 3-3 or 2-2, I win an incredible 250 SCR! For only risking a single coin, I couldn't pass up this opportunity. I'd love to see my Hammers win tomorrow against Fulham, but a 1-1 draw would make me a happy man due to the amount of the payout.I placed the bet because some odds are too good to pass up. I could easily be wrong about my win prediction for West Ham, and being wrong could pay off big time.Would you have taken this bet too? Have you found any lopsided odds available like this one? Do you think this was a mistake someone made or did they really want to risk 250 SCR just to win 1 SCR? Please comment below and thank you for stopping by! Now c'mon West Ham and Fulham -- 1-1 tomorrow!