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Prediction Chelsea vs Brighton - football match 1h45 on 4/4/2019
Asian handicap: 1.89 * 1.5 * 2.05 After a lucky victory against Cardiff, Chelsea will have to prove that they deserve to be in the top four in their match against Brighton, the team is considered tougher than Cardiff and is not sure of relegation. If watching the last match of Chelsea, everyone can comment on the team of coach Maurizio Sarri playing very bad. If it weren't for the referees' mistake, they would have had to take the second consecutive loss. Chelsea's poor performance is evident in their performance recently when they won 3, lost 2 and drew 1 in their last 6 games and are still ranked 6th in the rankings, the position is not Next season's Champions League. To hope to win tickets to the most attractive tournament for the club level, Chelsea first needs to do well its task of winning 3 points against Brighton at home at Stamford Bridge, the task is not difficult for the team of good players. of the London capital team. With Brighton, they only had 33 points after 30 matches played and are still unsure of relegation. That's why Chris Hughton's team will still have to fight hard to win points to secure their Premier League position again next season, which is extremely significant for a small team like Brighton. The team lost to Southampton but they have won two consecutive matches, thus having a relatively good score to ensure their relegation goals. Broadly in the last 6 matches, this team won 2, lost 3 and drew 1, the performance was not good but not so bad for a team that only set relegation goals. Certainly Brighton will fight with all his might and Chelsea will have a lot of trouble to win. Brighton have promoted last season, and since then they have played 3 games against Chelsea and lost 3. Last season were 2 defeats 0-2 and 0-4, this season Brighton has improved when Only lose 1-2 in the first leg. Coming to Stamford Bridge to be a guest this time, Chelsea's chances of winning will not be able to win with the gap ratio as last season. Looking at the performance of the home team in recent times we can also see that. The home market for this match is 1.5 in favor of Chelsea. Looking at what the home team has shown in recent times is probably very difficult for Maurizio Sarri's team to beat Brighton with a bigger margin than 1 goal. So with the odds above, players who bet on Brighton will have a better chance of winning. Over/Under odds: 1.91 * 2.5-3 * 1.99 Most likely the home team will win but Kepa will not be able to keep the clean sheet. Therefore, with the total number of goals the house gives is 2.5-3, the player who chooses will have a greater chance of winning. The score will probably be 2-1 as Chelsea meet Cardiff. First half odd : 2.03 * 0.5-1 * 1.83 The first 45 minutes are more likely to end with a draw. Brighton will probably rely heavily on defense and wait for a chance to counterattack and if luckily it is possible that the new team is the one with the lead. Therefore, with the first half contract of 0.5-1 in favor of Chelsea, players should still choose Brighton to have a higher chance of winning. Chelsea 2 - 1 Brighton football prediction today (Choose Brighton and Over)
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