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Belgian Jupiler League Week 18 Saturday Previews
( Free Wikipedia Image Source ) These posts contain previews on matches from the Belgian League with some on my personal bets, live-betting angles, Team Form, Injuries and Team News. ( asianodds ) Complete off day yesterday from Club Brugge which resulted in a deserved win for Waasland Beveren and a poor start of the weekend. 7 more matches to go in week 18 though and there should be plenty of betting opportunities. Genk vs Kortrijk Genk did some heavy rotation in their midweek cup match leaving all the key players on the bench. They still managed to take the win though and will very likely field their full A-Squad in this league match against Kortrijk again. They continue to play good but have dropped some points lately. In a reaction to this, they started playing a bit less wild. Their style was to continue pushing even when in a big lead, this might be less the case from now on. The weather getting colder and pitches worse also will become a bigger factor against them. Kortrijk under their new coach won the last 3 matches but I have not really been that impressed and believe they might get overrated at some point. Not sure though that it's this match, they are in a winning mood and get a +1.5 handicap against Genk who despite playing good haven't been as convincing compared to the start of the season. I do see both teams scoring and quite some corners in this match, but none of the odds really tempt me to take pre-game. All Betting will be Live in this match. Oostende vs Lokeren Lokeren has been very consistent in playing a good first half of the match and giving it all away late in the game. They have an issue keeping a clean sheet and their coach mentioned that the solution is to score more themselves. So high scoring games for this team would be no surprise. Oostende on the other hand, seem to lack creative ideas. These kind of matches are top priority for them and they always have 100% focus. They qualified in the mid-week cup match after penalties with a lot of bench players against Moeskroen but were overly rewarded in that match. The only potential bet I have my eye on in this match is the under in corners since they both are on the bottom of the table when it comes down to creating corners. No line or odds yet though, but I will post what I end up taking it on Discord. Moeskroen vs Zulte-Waregem Both teams have been playing better but still are not yet out of the danger zone and are still somewhat vulnerable. In a way I guess both would not mind if this match ended in a draw. Zulte-Waregem took a surprising approach at home after taking the lead last week against Oostende playing a counter style game. This has never been their style and it is the first time I saw them do this. It did cost them as they allowed Oostende back in the match and it will be interesting to see if they will do it again. Moeskroen still is not the fee scoring team with only 12 goals in 17 matches. I took a small initial pre-game position on the Under 3 @ 1.781 but won't hesitate to hedge out or add to it based on how this match plays out. Sint-Truiden vs Standard Sint-Truiden have been on fire and are now in the 5th position after 4 wins in a row. They mostly played their A-squad in the cup but still did not have an easy match defeating and amateur team at home. Standard are a very hard team to bet on or against pre-game. In the matches, they reach their potential level they are unstoppable, while in many other matches where they don't they become a good fade. The question is always which standard will show up and best thing to do is just to wait it out live to get confirmation. The artificial pitch of Stvv is still horrible and always plays a factor in the home matches. Standard has some missings with Carcela (who has not played good); Djenepo, Cacanda, Bokadi, Pocognoli & Mpoku. My lean goes out to the home team, but I'm not that crazy about the odds unless I see some confirmation live. Standard has been unable to win in stvv since 2006-2007. from the 5 losses 4 ended with a 1-0 and there were also 3 draws. No Pre-Game Bets. Late team news might change my views on these matches. I take all my pre-game and live bets at Sportmarket Pro which are a European Betting Broker that is aimed towards more serious Sports Bettors. They always offer the best odds on the market with high limits and do not restrict winning player. On some of the bets, I take a bit extra in BTC. All these bets are shared exactly as I take them right after having placed them on Nitrogensports which means the odds should be available to follow for those who want. For Live Betting coverage and bets, check out our Discord Server. 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