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FBBS Report: French Ligue 1 Tips
Source: (Insider Bookie) In the last couple of days, we were able to bet on eight matches on Betscorum only. Out of those eight matches I placed bets on seven of them, skipping the match between Santos Laguna and Monarcas in the Liga MX. I was happy to see that there were odds generated also on the matches of the Egyptian Premier League. In my most recent post, I described that I was hoping to see that happening. Well, it happened, with or without the influence of my blog, but there was surely something going on, also on the Egyptian market. Let's have a quick round-up through how those bets went, and what that means for the overall record of the FBBS system. El Dakhleya vs. Haras Hodood I was really looking forward to the results of the bets in the Egyptian Premier League. Mainly because it is the league on Betscorum I know the least about. It is therefore nice to see how the system deals with the available statistics and comes up with a bet. The bet I placed on this match was: 4 SCR on 2 @ 2.69 I was following the game a little at work, refreshing the scoreline every couple of minutes. Nothing seemed to change, and it looked like a boring 0-0 draw. Until the 94th minute, when Emam Ashour scored the winning goal of the match for Haras Hodood Bet result: +6.76 SCR Manchester City vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers Despite Wolverhampton Wanderers having a pretty good season, in which they have often been able to challenge pretty well with high profile clubs, Manchester City was the big favorite to win this match. As a result, the odds weren't very tempting, but apparently tempting enough for the FBBS system to tell me to bet on them. The bet I placed on this match was: 6 SCR on 1 @ 1.18 Manchester City showed what they were capable of, and took the lead in the 10th minute. They added another one from the penalty spot before half time, and an own goal from Wolves player Conor Coady secured an easy 3-0 win for Manchester City. Bet result: +1.08 SCR Source: (Tasty Dessert) Real Sociedad vs. Espanyol Two teams that were close to each other in the rankings of La Liga, with a slight advantage of Espanyol. A tough match to call, but the available odds made Sociedad the clear favorite. FBBS also calculated Sociedad as the favorites but gave Espanyol a much better chance of getting a result. Hence the odds were tempting enough for the system to bet against favorites Sociedad. The bet I placed on this match was: 3 SCR on X2 @ 1.90 Real Sociedad started with full energy and already had a 2-0 lead after eight minutes. The bet seemed to be lost within ten minutes. However, before half time even, Espanyol had equalized the game back to 2-2. The hope to keep a good record up and running was back, but when Willian José scored his second goal of the evening in the 63rd minute, it was likely to expect that the bet would be a lost one. Bet result: -3.00 SCR Misr El Maqasa vs. El Mokawloon The match between two highly ranked teams in Egypt was to give u some excitement. Despite the fact that the home team had one more point in the rankings the FBBS system gave El Mokawloon as the favorite to win it. The bet I placed on this match was: 4 SCR on 2 @ 2.37 A penalty after half an hour of play did indeed give El Mokawloon the lead, which they kept until half time. However, in the last phase of the match, they gave it all away. Ghanaian substitute Shimeles Bekele scored within seven minutes after making his entrance and added a second to secure the win in the 90th minute. Bet result: -4:00 SCR El Entag vs. Pyramids FC So far we have one win and one miss in the Egyptian Premier League. El Entag is a decent ranked team, but Pyramids FC is one of the highly ranked teams in this league and were the clear favorites to take a win out of it. FBBS agreed with that but seemed to see El Entag potentially sneak in a draw. The bet I placed on this match was: 4 SCR on X2 @ 1.47 Pyramids FC took an early lead after they converted a penalty kick shot. Other than that they were the more dominating team throughout the match. Just before half time, however, James Teddy Owoboskini scored for El Entag. They managed to keep it at a 1-1 draw in the second half, which means the system was indeed very right to call that X2 instead of just the 2. Bet result: +1.88 SCR Angers SCO vs. Bordeaux The biggest match of the series, at least when it comes to potential winnings. Both teams are pretty close towards each other in the rankings. Here we saw something quite interesting, as the available odds show that Angers was the favorite to win, but FBBS considered Bordeaux to be the favorite. FBBS, therefore, tipped Bordeaux with pretty generous odds. The bet I placed on this match was: 5 SCR on 2 @ 3.43 Now, if FBBS had a shoulder, we could all start tapping it, because he made such a great call. However looking at the what happened, you can argue that the statistics were right, or that luck made this win happen. The fact was that Angers only conceded a couple of goals in their last five matches. They weren't likely to concede but did once in the first half. Angers scored a goal in the second half, and it looked like it would end in a 1-1 draw, which would have not won the bet. Two minutes in stoppage time, however, Yann Karamoh found the net to win the match for Bordeaux and for me. Bet result: +12.15 SCR Source: (Football 365) Nogoom FC vs. Smouha SC From the best tip of the last two days to the worst probably. But, what can you do? Sometimes things aren't going as expected. Nogoom FC was almost at the bottom of the league, and Smouha SC was likely to win this, despite them being the draw masters of the Egyptian Premier League. The bet I placed on this match was: 4 SCR on 2 @ 2.67 Well, six minutes in and the view on the bet changed pretty much instantly. Nogoom FC took the lead and would never give it away. Halfway the second half they doubled the score and in the last ten minutes, they scored another two goals securing a comfortable win. Bet result: -4.00 Summary That brings us to a total of four won bets and three lost bets, but with a profit of 10.87 SCR, which is pretty good. As a result, the total profit of FBBS is now 41.72 SCR, which equals a ROI percentage of 22.31%. I've been told that anything above 5% ROI is good. Of course, we are still in the early FBBS days, but this so far looks promising. Tips for the upcoming days Well, only for 16 January, as there are no matches for the 17th unfortunately. There will be matches again for the Friday onwards, but I will go to England from Saturday morning until Wednesday evening, so we will have to see how much time I will actually have in the upcoming days. I will aim to still post something when I'm away, but time will tell how it is going to be in the end. Only French matches tomorrow, and this is what FBBS is saying:Toulouse FC vs. Olympique Lyon, stake 3 on 1X @ 2.27AS Monaco vs. OGC Nice, skipNimes Olympique vs. FC Nantes, stake 3 on X2 @ 1.68EA Guingamp vs. Stade Rennes, stake 3 on 1X @ 1.60Saint-Etienne vs. Marseille, stake 8 on 1 @ 2.40

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