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Betscorum Results March 2019
Even though I changed my overall approach a bit, I continue sticking to the overall betting plan I made when starting to use the Betscorum Betting Exchange. The month of March ended with a -1209 SCR Loss after 233 bets. The entire betting experience on the platform is still highly inconsistent and the difference between stakes that are possible to get accepted is huge. In order to have a chance of getting something accepted at decent odds, it's also needed to offer low range odds that have a high chance of winning for gamblers to take. The average odds I got accepted were 2.616 which further increases the swings by a lot and it'even more about the bigger bets this way. Previous average month odds:December 2018 = @ 2.153January 2019 = @ 2.203February 2019 = @ 2.315March 2019 = @ 2.616 Overall I'm still very confident the entire approach is +EV even though I'm at a loss since starting and will just continue going about things in a similar way hoping/knowing things will turn around some day... Betscorum Results March 2019 | 233 Bets | 13521 SCR | -1209 SCR | -8.94% ROI February 2019 | 277 Bets | 29550 SCR Staked | +459 SCR | +1.55% ROI January 2019 | 246 Bets | 22050 SCR Staked | -1406 SCR | -6.37% ROI December 2018 | 65 Bets | 7836 SCR Staked | +744 SCR | +9.50% ROI Total Results |821 Bets | 72959 SCR| -1411 SCR | -1.934% ROI ( Total Betscorum Results Graph ) I am however highly disappointed by Betscorum in general after 4+ months of use despite still being very much impressed by the platform itself which is everything I look for as a Sports Bettor. There is one major negative factor for me that ripples through everything making it nearly impossible to have Betscorum live up to its major Potential... DEVS DON'T SEEM TO CARE ABOUT THEIR OWN PLATFORM At least that is the impression that they are giving off when looking at their actions (or lack of them) and I'm not the only one left feeling this way. The only thing they have done is to speak empty promises so far aside from some minor tests like the broken affiliate program. There is no initiative whatsoever to incentivize people to try/use the Betscorum exchange, no marketing, no business plan to keep things going over time, no real updates, no new sports, no effort to provide liquidity on Betscorum, no support to people that put their time in setting up initiatives. Many Sports Bettors have given up and are leaving the building and they just let it all happen while the SCR price continues to drop. This brings about a ripple effect that makes it impossible for the platform to grow. Why would the community care is the devs clearly don't. There is no real reason to believe right now that SCR will ever be worth something. Recommending Scorum to friends and others also has become impossible as it feels like selling them a scam project that is dying as the devs have given up. Soon the soccer season will be over and there is nothing whatsoever that indicates that new sports like Tennis being added. The blogging platform itself is also built on a broken model which lately clearly shows on Steemit where nobody is able to keep up decent quality posts and nearly everyone switched to just post2mining easy Actifit / Drugwars / Steemmonsters / ... posts just to get their rewards and there are only a handful of real bloggers left. I still hope something fundamental changes and the devs show some signs of actually caring and wanting it to succeed, but I feel foolish doing so as nothing seems to be able to change their mind. I will continue to use the betting platform for now even though it feels like a waste of time. I'm hoping to have a more optimistic view of things next month :-) Let me know in the comments what results you managed to pull off on Betscorum during the month of March...