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Betscorum: January betting report
January is already 4 days behind us, so it is tome to write my January betting report! January was the first month I did use it actively! Let's see how I did! I did place 112 bets and had 54 winners. Here is the daily overview! In total a little bit less than 5000 SCR was wagered. For some of you this will be peanuts for other this will be a huge amount. You just have to set a base value with which you are comfortable with. I did made a profit of 415 SCR, which does represent a ROI of 7,65%. Which is good enough. It could have been better but of course it could have been worse. I did bet on 26 days. 13 winning days and 13 loosing days. Luckily for me the winning days were better than the loosing ones. On the best day I did win 333 SCR and on the worst day I did loose 246 SCR. These swing are rather normal. The max profit was 1000 SCR but I did gave a lot away. Betting types Surprisingly only one losing betting type and then which should be easier than the others. Very happy with the Over/Under bets. If I do look at the single 1X2 than I can conclude that lot's of risks were taken. A hit rate of only 39,22% but still ROI of 5.78!Competitions A loss on my domestic competition is never good. The losses on the Scottish Premier League and the Mexican league can be expected! Most profit was made on the Premier League with an impressive ROI of 37%!The odds Lots of red in this chart! The bets in the range 1.1 and 1.5 and mostly double chance bets. Most bets were placed in the range of 2 and 2.2 which is how it should be! I do hope that next month will be as good as January. At least I now do have a benchmark! Cheers, Peter

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