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Midweek Action with Scottish Premiership
It is an unarguable fact that the English Premier League delivers some of the most sensational events, especially for the betting community. However, we cannot simply neglect the occurrence of another great season that is passing by unnoticed. Therefore, in this post, I would like to shed some due light on that amazing Scottish Premiership, where top-notch teams are about to present their remarkable skills. In addition to providing the predictions for those fixtures, we shall also take a look at their last head-to-head game highlights in order to further expand our relevant knowledge and to catch up on the missed action. Aberdeen vs. Hamilton Ac. When talking about Aberdeen, I would like to mention that they are becoming my favorite team from the Scottish Premiership since I started to follow the league. It is very rare that they disappoint their followers except for a few times in their recent fixtures where they pulled a 2 goal draw with a team from the bottom of the table ‘St Mirren’. Anyways, they instantly recovered and marked a decent victory against St Johnstone, a team although from the first half of the table but with a declining form. The visitors started off the season with a comparatively better form because of which they are currently at 11th place, however, their defense turned out to be a prominent issue. They have let their opponents dispatch over 60 goals which are about 4 times higher than their scoring potential. The previous head-to-head games were inevitably dominated by the hosts and the interesting fact is that in all of those games, Aberdeen managed to claim a victory with 3 goals to nil. In addition, the visitors have not grabbed a single win or a draw on the road and probably these stats are enough to claim a home win. However, the odds for a home win are not very desirable (@1.3) therefore, giving the visitors an advantage or a goal or two would be a fair deal.Handicap Aberdeen -1 @1.9Handicap -1.5 @2.0 (available on betscorum but are a bit low)High probability of over 2.5 goals @1.9Bet value: MediumBet on this fixture here Highlights of their recent head-to-head fixture, where Cosgrove smashed the Hamiltons defense and claimed an away victory. 2. Rangers FC vs. Dundee FC Another topper-underdog fight which seems to be a one-sided fixture but might turn out to be an upset. Well, that is a bit bold claim but their last head-to-head fixture was a single goal tie, however, I don’t believe that would happen because in front of the home crowd Rangers managed to beat Dundee with a whopping 4 goals to nil. Despite that the visitors are struggling to keep their heads above the relegation water, they sometimes stun the audience with a victory or a draw, for instance, a double goal draw in their recent fixture with Kilmarnock and a victory against Hearts. In other words, the visitors are a team that can surprise us anytime even though stats might reflect otherwise. The home team have twice the scoring potential as compared to the visitors and it would be adequate to say that Gerrard’s team is one of the best among all others in the league even though they are 8 points behind the topper Celtic. Another handicap with an over 2.5 goals option would be quite suitable for this fixture as well.Handicap -2 @2.1 (It is available at 2.3 elsewhere so I am providing higher odds on the other end)Over 3.0 goals @1.82Bet value: MediumBet on this fixture here Highlights of their recent head-to-head fixture which concluded in a 1-1 draw. 3. Heart Midl vs. Celtic The team from 5th rank are hosting the topper of the table with a vengeance, as the wounds of their miserable 5 goal defeat to the visitors in their recent reverse fixture would still be fresh. The hosts were not a bad team at all but I believe it was just an unlucky day, therefore, this fixture might be a good chance for them to recover their lost honor. Because of which, I believe that they would be well-prepared and this time the visitors might return with a sour mouth. Their recent fixtures demonstrate an almost equal win ratio by both teams and the hosts home form is also somewhat admirable, however, there is a massive goal scoring mismatch between the two. The visitors have a stunning 2 goals average while the home team is with about 1 and a half, which can somewhat be covered under the fact that the hosts have played about 15 matches less than the visitors. We can also take a glimpse of the host's defense that their conceding ratio is almost the same as that of the visitors. This fixture might present a tug-of-war scenario and if the home team plays well, then a low scoring draw can be predicted.Handicap +1 Heart can be a good take @1.89Under 2.5 goals most probably, but better to avoidBet value: Medium-lowBet on this fixture here Highlights of their previous head-to-head fixture or better to call it a massacre. 4. Kilmarnock vs. Motherwell FC This is another interesting fixture where both teams from the first of the table are almost an equal match of each other. In fact, the hosts were in a very good form until they fell into the abyss of fixtures with tougher teams like Celtic and Rangers and they couldn’t recover since then. They have lost their momentum and hope for the title due to their back-to-back defeats. The culprits of their most horrible defeat were again Rangers as they bagged 5 goals while conceding none in their recent fixture. In fact, now it is becoming harder for the hosts to secure their 4th position and would look forward to pocket a well-needed victory here. However, they might have to earn it the hard way as the opponents despite being from the 8th place had a winning streak which was just broken by the cruel Celtics again. The hosts have a good record against this opponent with over 60% wins and an adequate home form but it is hard to announce a victory for them here as the opponents have a remarkable away form as well. In terms of goal scoring and conceding potential, the hosts have slightly better stats than the visitors, however, I believe that given the circumstances, the fixture may end in a low-scoring draw.Draw @3.25Under 2.5 goals @1.6Bet value: LowBet on this fixture here Highlights of their last head-to-head reverse fixture that was won by Kilmarnock with a single goal in the first half which was not challenged by the opponent because their main striker ‘Main’ was given a red card and Johnson, a yellow. 5. St. Johnstone vs. Hibernian The hosts were a very energetic and challenging squad once as they marched towards the top 5 best team's zone until some black magic prevailed and they lost back-to-back games as they had very tough fixtures with the top 4 teams from the league. Therefore, there is defeat written all over their recent fixtures which are not quite the whole picture as they are still standing at the 7th position. The visitors, meanwhile, found the opportunity to beat the rest of the teams and secured a position above them. Now the clash of the 6th place is on and the outcome of this game would decide which team would claim the spot. Their previous head-to-head fixtures are either won by St Johnstone with a single goal or ended in a 1-1 draw, which can precisely reflect the nature of this fixture. However, the visitors have a stunning goalscoring potential of about 2, which is almost twice as compared to the home team while the host’s defense is their stronger side. We can also expect a low scoring game that can most probably end in a draw once again.Draw @3.2Handicap 0 Hibernian @1.8Bet value: MediumBet on this fixture here Highlights of their last head-to-head fixture where Joe dispatched the only goal of the game to claim a victory over Hibernian My betting picks for the fixtures from Scottish Premiership Have a lovely midweek action. Also, let me know your thoughts about my picks.